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Westchester Academy in SBISD


agonzoTX41807 May 29, 2012

Does anyone know anything about the Westchester Academy for Int'l Studies in Spring Branch? I know it's considered a charter school, but do you have to be a resident of Spring Branch ISD to apply? How hard/easy is it to get in? Do you test into the school, or is it a lottery type of thing?

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luv2beemom June 9, 2012

I'm a teacher in Spring Branch.

In order to go to Westchester, you do need to be either a resident of the district or be eligible for a district transfer. For example, my kids are eligible for a district transfer because I'm an employee of the district. It is not too terribly hard to get into as far as academics are concerned, but it is VERY popular and there's always a large waiting list. The initial draw for students each year, particularly in 6th grade, is by lottery.

There is another charter school in SBISD called Cornerstone which I personally like better, but it only goes up to 8th grade.

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