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moving to Houston - need help with finding a good school pls!!


lisa2012 June 14, 2012

there is a house we like and it is zoned to Crockett elementary school. the rating is 9 but parents review are mixed. is it a good school?

people tell me Roberts elementary is good but we haven't been able to find a house there, other than Roberts, what other areas are in a good school district?

is Rice Military in a good district?


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Jellybeansmom June 18, 2012

Inside of 610 loop is great. Hisd is split into many districts..look for schools in central district. Avoid South Districts, North Districts, East and West. ( Very racially isolated schools and low parent volunteering...very underfunded programs.... ) Central district is great.Parents are involved, programs are funded and teachers work well with parents. Look for schools that have a feeder pattern for Lamar High School.


lisa2012 June 18, 2012

Thanks Jellybeansmom. I was focusing my search near the Museum district that is zoned to Roberts Elem., the same area is also zoned to Lamar High School. However, parents review are very mixed on this high school and it only has a rating of 7. Should I be concerned?

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