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Academy of Science and Tech inside TWCP


VASharon July 9, 2012

Does anyone know how hard to get in this academy? Anyone having kids coming from another state wants to get in without waiting for another year? Do they honor any smiliar magnet program in another state? My daughter got accepted by a VA magnet school for science, math and tech.

Another question is: is there any other magnet program at High school level like this one in Houston area? I did some research but cannot find any.




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MagnetMom August 5, 2012

Hi VASharon,

This school's admissions program is so specific, I'd find it hard to believe they could just accept a student from another state. Applicants test, write essays and are interviewed. The school only enrolls 65 students and waitlists another 10.

For more on it, visit here: You can find the links to the school itself, and the district. Perhaps someone at the district office can point out similar schools that do not have a deadline--or where you can move into their boundaries.

Good luck.

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