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Moving to Houston, TX on June 2013


Iveain August 23, 2012

I am a mother of a 13 year old boy, I have plans to move to Houston, Texas by the end of June 2013. shall begin to seek employment from March, but now I'm focusing on getting an excellent school for my child, both academically and at sports activities. A school that makes you feel happy. My child has good grades and playing sports. Entering the ninth grade next year. I want to recommend the best public school or private. Currently, my son is studying in one of the best private schools in the city. So I look for a school rather competitive. Where there is good discipline, safety, good academic curriculum and a competitive sport curriculum

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MagnetMom August 27, 2012

Hi lveain,

A great place to start is here:

You'll be able to compare school ratings, read parent reviews and then narrow down the schools you wish to tour.

Be aware that most public schools require you to live within certain boundaries in order to attend, and that many school choice programs (that let you live in other places but attend the school you wish) have deadlines.

Good luck.


mommateach October 25, 2012

Just a word to the wise, many, many people will recommend suburban school districts and tell you they are GREAT, but it truly depends on what your definition of "great" is. I noticed you said a school where kids "feel happy"; just my two cents, but you can look up all Houston-area school stats on , and I usually tell people to check out the # of students. Many people just assume for example that all elementary schools are around 400-500 kids and are shocked to discover those "great" grade schools that are 3 times that in attendance. Private schools on the other hand are more concentrated in towards the center and tend to be smaller; try . GL!


ajplantz October 29, 2012

Hi Iveain! I'm currently a student in Houston. I am a freshman and a lot of my friends went to St. Thomas high school. Its a private all boys school and it sounds exactly what you're looking for! Great sports program, awesome community, and has an amazing academic reputation. They also have sister private all girls schools that they all have dances with and such so it isnt always about the boys. Hope this helped!


JaneMoughon November 11, 2012

Check out Katy schools and their ratings. Katy is just west of Houston and west of the energy corridor. Katy Times newspaper, Katy Chamber of Commerce, Katy ISD: All have websites.


Yeah2526 December 8, 2012

Try Best school around.

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