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Hi, we're moving to houston in July 2013.


JenABZ December 13, 2012

Hi, we're moving to houston in July 2013. Our kids turn 6 and 8 at the start of the year. Having a hard time finding one school that they could both attend for the duration of our stay....3-5 years initially. We're looking at spring or Katy, although ideally would stay in the loop, but the Trulia web sites rate these schools fairly low. Helpful advice very much appreciated, thanks.

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nexynogo December 14, 2012


My family and I just moved here three months ago. Our Realtor was really our biggest help in finding the best areas for families. I suggest, if you don't have one already, in getting one. We live in Clear Lake, and its considered one of the best school districts. This is what I've been told any ways by many and finally saw first hand that it really is a great area where kids can go to school. My girls just started school and i'm very pleased.. It is very quiet where i live, and so far i'm really enjoying Clear Lake City.

Good luck ;)


mjholllid December 19, 2012

Inside the loop Poe, Roberts, Twain, West University, River Oaks, and Travis are all good schools. These schools have a large proportion of their students coming from dual professional/upper income households and that is reflected in the scores. Just outside the loop Oak Forest and Condit are good as well. Spring Branch ISD is really only good if you are south of Westview Drive. My nephews and my cousin's children go to Katy schools and they are alright, but the drive into the loop is 30+ min and that's not during rush hour. I know people in Clear Lake and their schools are fine as well, but again the commute is killer. For people with kids that want to live close in, I recommend the Heights, Oak Forest, and Bellaire as close, kid friendly, and with good schools. Here's a helpful link for HISD.


cyblos December 31, 2012

Roberts Elementary followed by River Oaks Elementary. Both IB World Schools. Roberts is a fine arts magnet school. Highly qualified and dedicated teachers. It's Rice Village's own private-feeling public school.


Wittymore February 7, 2013

Hi JenABZ!

If you're looking for a school in spring or close to Katy, consider Grace School. Not sure if you're looking for a public or private but Grace goes up to 8th grade so your children would be in the same school while you all our here.'s just an amazing school! Our kids go there and we couldn't be happier.


Wcyoungb February 8, 2013

Hello jenABZ,

My husband and I moved back to Houston 6 years ago, and before relocating, I did my research on school districts. I found that, Cypress ISD was and still is rated as one of the top districts in Houston. Cypress ISD, Klein ISD and Humble ISD are all rated high and contain several "Recognized and Exemplary" schools that you will be well pleased with. I wish you and your family the best and may God bless you!


neshajackson March 20, 2013

Katy ISD and Cyfair ISD have proven year after year to be the strongest two school districts. You can contact me to help you find a great community with great schools for your children. I am a Realtor. 832 398 1531.

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