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HiI am moving to Houston in June 2013 and I am looking for nice elementary and middle schoolI will be cy-fair district and wa...


Zarinazaki December 26, 2012

Looking for some help regarding elementary and middle school

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HuckleCat January 15, 2013

Hi Zarinazaki, I felt compelled to respond after daniella84 made such broad generalizations. Katy and CyFair are good districts but they are not necesssarily better than HISD. It depends on the student and the school. HISD has 300 schools and is the 7th largest district in the US, while CFISD has 78 schools and half the 200,000 students that are in HISD. You cannot make an across-the-board statement that one is not as advanced as the other. Like daniella84, I have one child in HISD and one child in CyFair, but I have an opposite opinion.

I can add to this discussion if you'd like more information or if someone wants me to back up in more detail what I'm saying, but more succinctly put, if you want a suburban education (solid but not great academics, lots of extracurricular activities, less ethnic diversity and higher socioeconomic background on average), then I would recommend the schools in Cypress (the town). Cy-Woods and Cy-Ranch high schools, and the middle schools that feed into them, would probably serve your purposes well. My younger kid does not go there -- we live a little further in where the population is more diverse both racially and socioeconomically -- but I have friends that moved out there and they rave about their schools. I don't feel that the schools near me (Cy Falls, Cy Springs, Langham Creek) are bad, but I don't think they offer anything better than a good HISD school. In fact, my younger child will probably go to Cy Falls and that will serve him just fine.

I personally did not want a white-bread environment for my kids, and I also wanted a school district that served higher-performing students, which one of my two kids is. The magnet programs in HISD are superior to anything that CyFair has, because CyFair does not do anything more than pay lip service to GT programs. HISD has the best magnet program in the city and some of the high schools are among the best in the country. If you have a child that is GT or wants a specific magnet curriculum, you'd be better off doing your homework (and you do have to do your homework, because there are mediocre magnet schools, too) and sending him/her there. If that is not your child, or you just want an all-around good school, then schools in Cypress are probably your best bet. If that's not what you are looking for, then if you post more of what your criteria are, that might help us answer your question.


daniella84 January 8, 2013

Cy-fair and Katy are the best district for now in Houston. I have friends and family attending Cy-fair elementary and high schools and their classes are more advanced than houston schools. I know because my son is now in a houston distric school and I do like to compare.


MagnetMom January 7, 2013

Hi Zarinazaki, and welcome to the Houston community of GreatSchools.

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