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Public charter
Lewisville, TX
Students enrolled: 5,999

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1800 Lakeway Dr
Lewisville, TX 75057

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(866) 360-0161
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August 17, 2015
A wonderful experience. Texas Virtual Academy sent me free computers, speakers, printers, and microphones, so I could effectively use the distance learning platform. The curriculum is high-quality, with courses designed by the leader in online education, K12. The teachers are great and communication is instantaneous with the use of IMs. And, with the distance platform, it is possible to minimize interaction with the very rare bad teacher. Coursework can be completed at any time, including weekends and over holidays. This allows "blocking," or completing many lessons in a single course instead of doing many at the same time. The deadlines are not as binding as normal schools, and assignments can be completed up to four weeks after the stated deadline with no loss of credit. It's a different kind of learning, however, and it isn't for everyone. Students that aren't used to being self-learners will suffer a major culture shock, as there is no physical building that prevents a student from shirking class. It takes a great deal of dedication to succeed in the very free and limitless environment of online education. Want to take a few hours and watch Netflix? Without a parent at home, it's frighteningly easy to get behind on coursework. Parents should be certain that their children can handle the sudden increase in freedom, or a stay-at-home parent needs to be on hand during school days. There is also minimal social interaction with other students, so social-minded students will inevitably be unhappy without an extracurricular source of interaction. TXVA is a revolutionary school that can be an absolute blessing for those who are prepared to handle the radically different environment. It's a great option for any self-motivated student with a love of learning.

- submitted by a student
Develops grit: Strongly agree
August 10, 2015
Students are given the opportunity to try again when they do not meet a learning standard. They are highly praised by learning coaches and teachers and are rewarded with moving their achievement along at their own pace.

- submitted by a parent
Develops respect: Strongly agree
August 10, 2015
Students are expected to follow the school's guidelines and are expected to take responsibility for their part in their own education. The teachers and staff are very respectful of the learning coaches (who are often the student's parent(s)) and of the students themselves, fostering respect.

- submitted by a parent
Develops empathy: Strongly agree
August 10, 2015
Through curriculum and in-person events. Excellent choices of novels in ELA. Teachers show these qualities to students all the time.

- submitted by a parent
Develops honesty: Strongly agree
August 10, 2015
Excellent opportunities to show off their skills and work. Many opportunities to work together virtually without the confines of age/sex/race discrimination=a virtually no bullying environment.

- submitted by a parent

August 10, 2015
MOST IMPORTANT: YOU MUST BE INVOLVED WITH YOUR CHILD'S EDUCATION!!! Our son is truly allowed to go at his own pace and now is placed in two, separate grades. The teachers and administrators go out of their way to ensure that he is supported in all areas. We have been users of the K12 schools since our son was in Kindergarten. He is an extremely well-educated young man at age 13, still loves school and learning, and impresses us all the time with his wide vocabulary, love and appreciation of the fine arts, and exemplary knowledge of math and science (both of which he is in a higher grade level). He does not discriminate against others including AGE discrimination. He'll play with anyone and have fun. The experience of being totally involved with our son's learning path has been a joy and we continue to enjoy it AND continue to keep learning ourselves because of the K12 curriculum. Take the leap!

- submitted by a parent

April 24, 2015
My child suffered from severe migraines and the schools could not find a proper placement for him. TXVA was a God send for us. He Loves his teachers, the curriculum, while intense, is simple to follow, and I am able to have some flexibility to deal with his medical condition. I cannot say enough good about this school. I love being his learning coach, and am better able to understand what his strengths and weaknesses are educationally than I could in the brick and mortar school. I think it is not for everyone, but for the motivated parent and child, it is ideal.

- submitted by a parent

April 23, 2015
Our son and daughter logged on and completed/passed all the work/assessments on their daily assignment list each day. Many times, the next day, the same assignments would appear... the ones they had just completed and passed the previous day, so they had to redo them. There were so many computer glitches and issues that I pulled both of them after about a month. The school gave each child failing grades, regardless of the fact that they passed each days assessments. Apparently, the grades are based on percentages completed, and the computer wasn't assigning the correct amount of assignments each day (or making them repeat assignments). This was all acknowledged by the teachers. I spoke with higher ups and they are, so far, unwilling to change the horrific grades even though it was their system that messed up. Very unacceptable!! Sounds like a lawsuit to me.

- submitted by a parent

March 27, 2015
Very difficult to navigate their online system and impossible to contact technical support. Teachers just reference any problems back to technical support, with no ownership or interest in helping to solve problems.

- submitted by a parent

March 11, 2015
The curriculum itself is fine, but when it is piled on by class connects, work samples, extra testing, and study island my daughter was spending upwards of 12 hours a day on school. She became incredibly depressed, agitated, and eventually she shut down completely. The home room teacher told her to concentrate on ols lessons first and worry about the rest afterwards, then the next week she would send my daughter an email demanding to know why she'd not completed the extra work and tell her to concentrate on that. It flip-flopped for over a month before I finally had enough and told my daughter to work ahead in some subjects to complete them early and free up some time to concentrate on the subjects she had a harder time with. I got the idea because that is how my college courses are set up. Needless to say, she excelled and finished 3 subjects almost completely. Then her teacher called and accused her of cheating saying that she had done too much work. She told my daughter she had until the end of that day to provide written proof of all of the work she had completed. That is the point where I decided to pull her out because I'm tired of the teacher bullying my daughter.

- submitted by a parent

December 15, 2014
I just started this school this year and I was not prepared for what was coming to me. And as soon as I went to this school and looked at the classes I knew I wouldn't like it here. There is too much to catch up with and dealing with depression does not help because I constantly feel unmotivated and there's no one to help kick in that motivation no counselors or teachers to help boost you up , I've actually felt more depressed going here than going to Public school. This is far more the baddest school I've been to since Dobie middle school. And the work is hard to do.

- submitted by a student

November 27, 2014
Our experience with this school has been disappointing on many levels. The materials are not organized an an intuitive way and we ran into many technical issues with our PC operating system (which was brand new). We ended up having to purchase a Macbook to get all the website features to work properly. The system does not seem to be very forgiving from a technical standpoint. Secondly, our representative provided us erroneous information about when my daughter needed to return to Texas from California to take the STARR test. I wasted $900 on airfare as a result. They never offered to reimburse me for their error. What made us decide to eventually leave TVA was their unwillingness to help my daughter take the STAAR test remotely. TVA continued to tell us that the TEA does not allow this, despite clear evidence to the contrary. I provided them information documenting how TTUISD has been doing this. I also gave them a name of a person at TEA who I spoke with that told me any virtual school can do this is they follow TEA guidelines (which were very easy). They evidently thought it was too much trouble and were unwilling to go the extra mile for my daughter.

- submitted by a parent

September 08, 2014
For those who are saying the 5 Star ratings are fake, I assure you they are not. We started K-12 4 years ago. My daughter has Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dysgraphia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Ehlors Danlos Syndrome, a heart defect, and was being bullied constantly. She had been harassed, verbally and mentally abused, and the staff and teachers did nothing to help. She had to be put in therapy and after they observed what was happening, they recommended the K-12 program to us.It seemed overwhelming at first. I was scared to death but to my surprise, the staff and teachers were right there every step of the way. She was able to work at her own pace and gets extra help in classes she needs it in and advances in those she doesn't. I can not tell you how amazed I am at the difference the k-12 program has made in my child. My once bullied, sad, struggling daughter is now a member of the NJHS, president of her Girl Scout troop, President and Founder of the Sweet and Sour Lemonade Club (benefiting Alex's Lemonade Stand foundation), a past committee member for our local Relay For Life, and is trying to become a mentor to new students at TXVA. I highly recommend TXVA.

- submitted by a parent

June 06, 2014
2 yrs experience 9th - 11th grd 1) Some highly experienced teachers. They can only tell if kid is engaged if the kid is communicating with them via email, instant message, phone, etc. Will bend over backward if the communication is there but kid is struggling. Will not if they see no evidence of communication. 2) My kid is ADHD so the workload has been extremely tough on him. He works 7 days/wk. 1st year had to be on top of him, used software controls on his computer to prevent distraction. Getting better as he matures. 3) Insanely bad Learning Management System software. Seven concurrent subjects where the teachers trying to help the kids by giving them detailed weekly learning plans but style of each document plan are different and needs consolidating. 4) The learning material quality is very high indeed. I always know exactly what he is learning and know what he is weak in and what he is strong in. Problem is the number of subjects is limited. For example no AP classes in Studio Art. 5) Social interaction is taking a hit. No working in teams, discussion boards are not a good substitute for face to face. overall okay but need to supplement with outside social.

- submitted by a parent

May 31, 2014
I trusted my child's education with this and am very disappointed. After juggling 8 classes, assignments overlapping, teachers constantly emailing and requesting assignments at the same time was crazy. Math teacher was very rude when reached out for help. If you are doing assignments for one class how can you read emails and attend live sessions at the same time. My child spent more than 10 hours a day on lessons and project. Now because of math cannot attend graduation ceremony. If a large number of students are failing math then there is a problem with the program and teacher. I wish we had continued with public school because this was a poor choice. Face to face contact is better. I hate I trusted this program with my child's education. A very frustrated parent.

- submitted by a parent

May 23, 2014
Well my child is in TXVA, I will start by saying it's not for everyone!! The work is not simple! It may take you lots of time to get the hang of things and learn how to communicate and be successful! Communication is the key word!! Once you figure it out and learn the ropes it sure makes things a lot easier and well worth it in the end. I say that the 6 hours a day may be for some but I'm sure it's not for most!! I know my daughter may at times put 8,10,12 hours a day depending on what is needed for her to get things done and do well!! So you have to be welling to do what it takes to stay on track and parents have to stay involved and support them! It is a great opportunity for many that can manage the independence and work load. This is not an easy way out, you will put in many long hours of schools the same as regular school in most cases many more. I have to say the teachers are great and the program and school support has been a good! We are grateful for TXVA! Looking forward to the rest of high school with TXVA

- submitted by a parent

May 22, 2014
The 5 star reviews for TXVA have got to be fake. This school was very difficult to keep up with and keep on task. It takes a tremendous amount of organization on the parent's part, especially for the high school years and a tremendous amount of time on the part of the student. Since it is a public school, it is still required to follow all of the regulations by the state of Texas for public school which includes the 6 hour mandatory attendance rules daily. In such it piles on busy work for the student to take up the full 6 hours and then some (as they expect "homework time" of an additional 2 hours on the student's part.) This is actually a flaw in this system because the 6 hours per day time at school includes time for lunch and breaks between class periods. For TXVA you are required to log the full 6 hours. Many of the subjects, especially Algebra and Chemistry are extremely difficult to convey over the material they present. It just isn't enough. They expect the child to read a few pages and then take a quiz on the subject they just read without giving them the ability to look back on the information. This is not a good teaching method.

- submitted by a parent

September 19, 2013
My daughters, my nephews and my niece are enrolled in this school and have found it great. The teachers make it a point to call each student and work to meet each students individual needs. I have seen my girls grow and blossom even though it is virtual. They have enough interaction and are free if social pressures to study and grow.

- submitted by a parent

September 05, 2013
We chose TXVA because my son was being excessively bullied, to the point of physical injury and the school did nothing. Since coming to TXVA my son has grown and learned so much.

- submitted by a parent

May 16, 2011
We've had issues with study island not recording the work the kids do. After they have completed and attempting entering it 5 or more times, it's hard to talk them in to trying "just one more time". I don't feel like the customer service is all that great. Teachers don't respond to emails in a timely manner. When you want to take issues up a step, seems nobody wants to provide you with contact information to do so. I just want my kid to finish the year and be done. I do think that this is a great program for folks that have the time; we just don't. I would think that a parent communication page for parents to correspond and swap success stories, tips, etc. would be a great tool to have, as well. My kiddos have always excelled in TAKS, so that isn't an issue with us.

- submitted by a parent

May 06, 2011
I love IQ! This is my son's 2nd year and my daughter's 1st year, and I have no complaints. They have all the tools they need to be successful, and it is a very flexible alternative to "regular" school, but without the huge responsibility of homeschooling. My kids both passed the TAKS tests with flying colors, so I know they're getting a quality education as well.

- submitted by a parent

February 07, 2011
So far, it's been a month since I contacted the school, and my daughter is still not enrolled. Excuses ranged from, "we left you phone messages," (no missed calls or voice mails on my phone) to "our email must have ended up in your SPAM (nope, I checked). Now they are blaming the weather. I would not recommend IA Academy to anyone.

- submitted by a parent

September 08, 2010
I was so excited to find IQ Academy when searching for an alternative educational option for my 12 year old. Unfortunately, after over a month of trying to get my child enrolled in their program, I have become so frustrated and concerned with the feedback I have gotten from them that I have decided to withdraw my daughter's application. They were not very accommodating or helpful and though they are friendly and pleasant when I call them, they don't seem to be organized or professional enough to deal with issues that are out of the ordinary. I would think that most students interested in an online school would have special circumstances so I am perplexed by their attitude.

- submitted by a parent

June 01, 2010
My daughter just completed her first year with iQ Academy. In the beginning it was a little rough since it was their first year, but by October things were running very smoothly. The teachers are awesome and work very hard to make sure that the students have the tools they need for success. The office staff is always available to answer questions and point me in the right direction. My daughter was a little behind in math and they even set up a special course to help her get through the TAKS and she passed with flying colors. It's great to be able to work ahead and most importantly have my daughter at home away from all of the drama in the local school. We're looking forward to another good year!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
March 26, 2010
I Q Academy Texas is a school that I would not send my child to again. I made this mistake. Once the communication about getting your child into school is over, it is totally over. There is no professionalism in the workers that are employed and they only look at getting thier funding from the state. Your childs education is not the most important concern. The pricipal is virtually non existent and very hard to get a hold of. You would think that the state of Texas would hold thier standards regarding our childs education a little higher than this school. I will never make this mistake again.

- submitted by a parent

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