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Public charter
Lewisville, TX
Students enrolled: 195

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1800 Lakeway Drive
Lewisville, TX 75057

(972) 317-2470
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January 22, 2015
I love this school so much. It shows what school is really about! At first it takes some getting use to but then you really grow close to the teachers, students, and community! I have grown educationally & my school has helped my earn the best grades in my life through the close connection between teachers and students. This school has great college connections and cares about each and every child as an individual! If you want to send your child elsewhere just be aware you will not find an education like this anywhere else. -Child Who Goes Here

- submitted by a student
August 27, 2014
Administration is the worst. and will continue to be unless RES is serious about iSchool STEM. Teachers are awesome though the best ones tend to leave after a year or so. The concept iSchool has changed drastically since its inception, and for the worse. Before going to this or any charter school, check the credentials, work history, educational record of ALL of the administration. (Easy to request it through their RES webpage for public information.) . RES needs to stop hiring so many of their friends and relatives and hire strictly based on competence.

- submitted by a parent
May 07, 2014
This is my first year here and I will NOT be coming back, very unimpressed with this school. The faculty are only there for their paycheck. They do not have a nurse nor a counselor, very unorganized and unprofessional. They act like they have never ran a school before. A ton of kids are leaving this next year to go to LISD or their previous school. I came here hoping for a better education but what I got was a stressful, dramatic year. I do not recommend this school to anyone. They do not portray what they say they are, very sad and disappointed.

- submitted by a community member
April 29, 2014
We have been very pleased with our daughter's education wtih iSchool High. She transferred from a private school in her junior year. The curriculum is entirely online and there is great emphasis on college prep, which was integral in our reasoning for transferring her. The academics are fairly rigourous--could stand to be a bit more in our opinion. We appreciate the opportunity the students are afforded to participate in dual credit. This school is definitely designed for those with a STEM background or those interested in seeking that in their future endeavors, but for those that are not necessarily heading toward the sciences and maths, it is still very focused no the writing and career prep that is needed for all college majors. The focus is not on athletics--students involved in athletics attend ischool due to the flexible schedule options however. It is a good mix of all walks really. Teachers overall are good. I recommend iSchool High!

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2014
I've been in this school since I was a freshman. I loved this school my freshman and sophomore years. This year, my junior year, the school's staff almost completely changed. New campus director, new teachers, and a completely different school than I know iSchool to be.I had fun and looked forward to my classes in the previous years. I loved my teachers and the welcoming feeling iSchool gave off. This year, this school changed. Many of my favorite teachers left, my favorite classes were dropped, and the uniqueness of the school is gone. As a student, I advise you to take a look at other options.

- submitted by a community member
September 30, 2013
Where to even begin? I advise anyone considering this school or any "charter" school do research on charter schools in general. I failed to research this school properly before enrolling my son and when I did, I found it terrifying. The curriculum is by ResponsiveEd, which I found, after hours upon hours of digging, is directly related to Accelerated Christian Education. See where I am going with this? The curriculum is anti-science, and pro-religion. Since the Intelligent Design movement has been squashed out of traditional public schools by the supreme court on grounds it is not scientific whatsoever, they have cleverly been setting up charter schools to push their false "science". The learning environment is terrible. They have now gone to a "mastery" system, meaning if your child does not make straight A's (90+) they have to attend extra hours of school including Saturday school. There are no teachers, only classroom monitors. The kids must teach themselves everything. This school is in no way, shape, or form a College "prep" school. The stats they show seem good, but contrary to common belief, numbers DO lie. Statistics are subject to interpretation. Again.. Beware..

- submitted by a parent
February 15, 2013
Would very much like to know about the principal being "reassigned" and the breakroom incident but this site, for reviews, doesn't seem to let people contact each other. If you happen to read this and it violated no guidelines, "student", please email me ravenonyx at gmail dot com.

- submitted by a community member
February 13, 2013
If you intend on enrolling your child, beware that the administration and their parent company have extremely conservative viewpoint on "zero tolerance". Make heavy note of the extensive code of conduct and be sure you understand exactly what each one refers to (ie, is a hug a sexual assault). The Code is extremely vague in several overlapping areas. This is straight from the parent company Responsive Ed (Qwest Middle School, Vista Academy, and K-12) - research to see the "school board" you'll be dealing with. Look up the worst stories you can find about "zero tolerance policies" and draw your own conclusions. Ignore the pretty, tech-intensive "hooks" they have to make everything look nice on the surface and dig deep before choosing to enroll your child. Also, if you do withdraw from the school, in my experience it is extremely hard to get their records to transfer with even with written requests hand delivered to the front desk.

- submitted by a parent
November 12, 2012
Media Arts Academy (not stem!) I would first like to point out that the curriculum is great. It is easy to pace yourself as long as you work hard and don't play games all day. That said, they treat students with much disrespect, whether they are hard working with straight a's and already a semester ahead of schedule (me), or if they are a senior who is so lazy they still have freshmen classes. I have asked simple innocent questions and the director chuckled at me like it was stupid. They make new rules like assigning extra math work (without much warning) and expecting every student to be okay with it. This school seems to be more like a corporations, caring more about how the school looks than about the students at the school. I do not believe that I deserve to do 27 extra pages of math per unit (I have gotten great grades on my Geometry tests), and many people are the same, but they do not personalize the system at all. They only make rules that cover the whole campus. That said, this is better than regular public schools, and this is not an "alternative school" for bad students, but the main reason I am working fast to graduate early is to leave this school for a better school

- submitted by a student
September 26, 2012
Ischool High is a technology based school that has a heavy focus on higher education and preparation for each student's future. The manner in which teaching is carried out is lightly defined, yet surprisingly effective. The teachers at the school are all hand picked an thoroughly selected by the administration. This ensures that they are highly experienced and happy to work with and teach students. As a whole this system seems to work quite well. The school is based off of following 5 community agreements and the 7 habits of highly effective people. This seeks to make the school an orderly and peaceable learning environment in which students can pursue their academic goals in the best way possible.

- submitted by a student
September 26, 2012
iSchool High is a fruitful experience that you will not forget. Coming from a background where I had been previously homeschooled grades 1-8, this was my first "public" school to ever attend. Quivering from head to toe, I feared how my future would be affected by this turn in my life - high school. Would it be positive? Or rather... would it be negative? Well, let me alleviate your curiosity. Currently, as a Sophomore who attends iSchool High, my experience has been, without a doubt, positive. The minute I walked in through the clear, double doors to attend Freshmen orientation, my fears were allayed. I was quickly introduced to the welcoming community, given complimentary food, and assigned an astute mentor. Since then, my adulation for the school has snowballed. Throughout my high school experience at iSchool, I have made ardent frienships, gained considerable knowledge, and met some of the most incredible teachers. It was once said that you reap what you sow. Sow an abundance of propitious knowledge and undying relationships now, and reap the boundless blessings that follow; iSchool High is the just the place to do it.

- submitted by a student
August 20, 2012
Many students and parents seek a solid education. However, a school is not only education. Friends are made and memories spun. A school must have many opportunities for all three of these aspects to be excellent. In my eyes, iSchool High offers all three in a great style. This school is clear on what to do and not do. Deviation is not taken lightly. Classes are challenging and educational when the student puts forth his/her part. The teachers are available and willing to help and answer questions. A community of discipline, education, and synergy is encouraged. iSchool High is a great school with good teachers. Yet, some say that the school is horrible because of the lack of the aforementioned. iSchool really shines when the student gets involved and tries. And at iSchool, this is not hard to do. Go in for tutoring. Study a little. Ask questions. Make friends. I have been blessed by attending iSchool. I wish for others to be blessed in the same way.

- submitted by a student
August 18, 2012
If your student is floundering then this means the have NOT gone to their teachers for help. People this ISN'T elementary anymore! Your students should NOT have to be led by the nose. This school is an amazing place I went last year but am unable to continue because I am moving. :( I would NOT trade the experience I gained here for the world. I cant think of anything about this school that is sub par. And the teachers are amazing, I loved all my teachers. The school structure is phenomenal in how it is a community and is with a collegiate styled learning.

- submitted by a student
August 18, 2012
iSchool High is a unique experience that is NOT for everyone. If you are rigid in the face of sweeping change, this isn't your school. If you feel that at a certain point your education is your responsibility, this is the place to go. My child came to me wanting more for her education than the public schools could deliver. We attended the informational meeting together, where the expectations were CLEARLY laid out. There was some adjustment for her to go from the hand-holding of public schools to the personal accountability of iSchool, but in the end, she survived and came out on the other end exhibiting much improvement in her ability to prioritize and seek help when needed. In college, your professors couldn't care less if you show up to class or not. I had serious concerns about how my hopelessly scattered child would fare once she went off to college. Although she is still not ready, I have no doubt that she will be more than ready after her four years here. This is an environment where students are able to test and develop their autonomy while still benefitting from their parents' and teachers' guidance. Just like real life, you get out of it what you are willing to invest.

- submitted by a parent
February 17, 2012
I had attended iSchool High for a half a year and HATED it. First it was pretty cool and the teachers were pretty nice, but then a little bit later you find out they don't know how to TEACH. And the rare ones that do just LEAVE and then we have a substitute for months. This school is very hard and the teachers don't seem like they want to help you. When you're taking tests some of the teachers eat ice and it's just annoying!! *CRACK* *CRUNCH* *CRUNCH* IT DROVE ME CRAZY... So Anyways I would NOT recommend this school AT ALL... Go Homeschoolin'...WAY better then this...

- submitted by a student
February 07, 2012
I am a student at iSchool STEM. This school is difficult because of the curriculum (Science/Technology/Engineering/Math). It is made more difficult because of how the vast majority of the teachers teach . Most seem to feel it is the solely the responsibility of the students to learn via self-study. I m not sure if the teachers are lazy, or if this is the generally accepted format here. If you do well in this type of environment - great. If not - don't attend. I think the course content would work if there was actually "teaching" going on. Thus - I have to rate the school low due to the teachers. Either fire teachers who are dead-weight, and hire ones who actually teach, - or if this is an acceptable format from the Administration the administrator needs to be replaced by a person who understands education.

- submitted by a student
January 10, 2012
It depends on which Ischool you are referring to as to how good it is. The stem academy was decent with kind and fairly knowledgeable teachers, and I think it definitely better than the traditional public schools. The media arts academy is a waste of time. Just don't bother with them or their distorted idea of self-paced learning.

- submitted by a student
January 09, 2012
My son attended iSchool stem fall semester 2011. iSchool STEM labels itself a collegiate "preparatory" school, but falls short of what is really needed to prepare a student for post-secondary education. There are a few good teachers, but many poor ones. Some who feel "prep" for college is to simply regurgitate material. With some others, expectation is that the student is responsible for ALL learning which must occur outside the classroom on the internet. Preparation for post-secondary education should involve teaching. Teenagers need time management skills taught within the classroom, inspirational teachers excited about their subject who teach by bringing the materials to life within the classroom, and teachers who help not badger or even yell at-the student if the student is floundering. I did not see these attributes present in this school. The school administration shares in the failure. Many parents have voiced concerns, only to have their concerns marginalized. An online school would be a much better choice if public school is not an option for your child.

- submitted by a parent
November 03, 2011
I attended iSchool High STEM Academy and graduated from there recently, and all I have to say is that the place was awful. They call themselves a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics school, but the math classes are chalked full of lazy teachers that don't teach and then fail their students if the class doesn't know the material that they were supposed to be teaching; the engineering classes are sub-par; the technology part only gets in the way of learning more than it helps; this next one is my favorite, the science classes were nothing you couldn't learn at a regular public school, and the teachers were all Creationists spreading misinformation; I had to correct my Biology teacher on several occasions. They try to paint the school as a community where everyone was accepted, and at first it was like that, but then the teachers got lazy, the students stopped caring, and it has now turned into nothing better or worse than your average high school. If you value your child's education, don't send them here. I fully regret wasting two years of my life on this place.

- submitted by a student
October 24, 2011
I liked Ischool. I had 2 children there last year, a 9th grader and a 10th grader. The staff was responsive when we would email or talk to them. They worked well with my children. We had to leave because they stopped offering French (which my daughter already had a year of) and did not want to start over. We are considering going back next year after she finishes the French 2 elsewhere. Our children have been in gifted programs elsewhere. The school can be a fit for all kinds of students. I would recommend this school. I miss having my children there.

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2011
I first went into iSchool High as a Sophomore a year ago because of the disappointment I felt with my previous high school (too many reasons to list here). Making the choice to go to iSchool High was probably the most important choice I've made so far in my life. Despite the fact that most of the content is self-taught, the teachers there are more than welcome to help out. The content we learn is still "dull", but I find myself able to focus better and get more out of it than I did at my previous school. The building has decent-sized rooms, but the hallways are narrow. With 260 something students moving around, it's easy to get stuck in the middle of traffic. Luckily, the building is small enough so you can get from room to room fairly quickly. Most, if not all of the students there are there to learn. It's a friendly place, and it's hard to feel like "the new kid" for long. Any abuse is not tolerated, and dealt with quickly. If your a student who despises normal public school, or your a parent who cares about their child's education, take a serious look at this school.

- submitted by a student
September 06, 2011
The school does a great job in explaining to student and pareent prior to registration what to expect. It has been exactly what we were told. My son likes it and he gets more out of his classes here than what he was getting in the public schools. Overall I think it makes him more responsible. Every child is different and they have different learning styles. My suggestion is once one visits the school, sit down with your child and make sure your son/daughter can adapt to this type of learning. Great school, especially if your child plans to attend college!

- submitted by a parent
July 19, 2011
I was TOLD Media Arts on Lakeway was not anything EVERY SELF -PACED. Maybe you should have READ the literature BEFORE talked DOWN on Media Arts!

- submitted by a community member
June 27, 2011
My son transferred here in his junior year and we have had a very good experience. Only one problem teacher, and that was addressed. We are happy with the quality of AP classes he is taking. It is true that if your child is not self motivated it may not be the best school for them. But for kids that are motivated, do want to go to college and seek out challenges, this school encourages them more than any other school he has attended. I would like to see more parent communication, but it did improve over the year.

- submitted by a parent
June 23, 2011
TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!! Media Arts on Lakeway didn't live up to it's promises. Teacher's didn't teach, they pointed kids to websited to self-learn. It was also acceptable for teachers to yell and argue with kids regularly and in front of other kids. Communication with parents was lacking to say the least, not at all what they indicated at orientation. Kids seemed happy and focused during the tour, but I should have know it was too good to be true. If your child is scholarly, self paced, self taught, able to igrnore distractions and refrain from socializing all day, then this school may be a good choice for you. My child, along with a number of others, will not be returning as a result. Good luck in your search - from a concerned and invested Mom

- submitted by a parent
June 15, 2011
I must say, I find it interesting that, so far, students have given high ratings and a majority of the parents have given low ratings. There is a stark difference between the experience and the number. Whether or not the number was good or bad does the school little justice when compared to the experience within. A student from Day One, iSchool has revolutionized my ideas of education. Coming from a large public school, I am not ignorant of the stark differences between the two places. At iSchool, you are not just a student, but a person. And with that, you are expected to be a person and not just a student. It is this type of learning that gives the school its charm: preparation for a world of independence. The learning style is unique, and a risk, but having attended since inaugural day, I can say the journey has been superlatively prolific.

- submitted by a student
June 14, 2011
Just want to give kudos to ischool, I have loved the way the learning takes place and how the students are pushed to be independent thinkers...is not for everyone, is a school for those who are trying to excel and willing to put forth the work...if you are in a public school and are a PreAp, Ap student, you may not have been challenged yet, and you will be here..if all you want is to keep your average with average learning, stay where you are..Grades here represent the course you are taking and be ready for a college level environment..

- submitted by a parent
April 13, 2011
There are so many negative comments about this school. I was in ALL advanced placement courses at my previous school, and I was also taking two college courses to get myself even more ahead. I hated how big the school was, but I dealt with it. I switched to iSchool, and my grades have even improved and it is by NO MEANS easier or lax in academics at all in any way. It is more challenging and provides a stimulating environment for teenagers to learn both media, and regular academics. I saw a post below that says "If your children is not that bright and/or not interested in school, this place will be perfect." I was taking college courses as a Freshman in highschool, and this place is challenging for me. I have no learning disabilities, I've always been a great student, and I am definitely going to college. This is an amazing program.

- submitted by a student
March 25, 2011
My child was in the gifted program at the local public school. Ischool pretended to be this great, college prep, STEM academy. It is awful! I cannot express to you how bad it is. As far as academics go, the year was a loss. Our child will spend the summer in tutoring to get caught back up and then return to the public schools in the fall. Unfortunately, I do not know if the local school will give our child his place back in the gifted program after an entire years absence. If your child is college bound, DO NOT send your child here! If your child is not that bright and/or not interested in school, this place will be perfect.

- submitted by a parent
March 07, 2011
This school is a joke. The classes appear to be AP in name only. The school will not release overall SAT and AP test scores. Why?? Hmmm? If you are considering this school and go to a meeting about it, do not be fooled by the # of parents that administration tells you signed up for next year (implying satisfaction with the school). Many did, yet have no intention of returning but do not have a Plan B yet. The school is lax in its academics, and certainly NOT for anyone who is talented in math, science, engineering, or technology. I do NOT recommend this school for anyone who is college-bound.

- submitted by a parent
January 05, 2011
I am currently a student at iSchool High and have been for the past 2 years. I want to remind everyone who is criticizing this school that it is very new and is defining a new and innovated way to teaching children without setting them in front of a textbook and asking the to recite nonsense they obviously do not care about. Every single one of these teachers are brilliant. I will admit that maybe everything is not as organized as a public school but thats only because those teacher have departments within the school with other teachers who collaborate together and create lesson plans. With the direction this school is going I can see it doing great things, things no public school will ever touch. Aside from academics each one of the staff members, from teacher to principal know me personally, I can't say that about the huge 5A public school I came from. Though they are my teachers they are also my friends. I can have stimulating conversations with them and get to know them just like they know me. The pros and cons of this school don't even begin to balance themselves out, I wouldn't trade my experience here at iSchool for anything.

- submitted by a student
December 12, 2010
This school is probably the most unorganized place I've ever seen! The teachers and staff are unprepared and most of the students are failing!!!! And these are students who took AP classes at public schools and are now failing classes at ISCHOOL HIGH because the teachers do not know what they are doing? The principal does not care that the teachers call the students liars and have no idea of what they are going to teach for the day but rather, ask the students, what they want to learn for the day? What is wrong with this place? I would go back to public school in hot second! HIGHLY RECOMMEND NOT going to this SCHOOL! This place is home to dozens of public school rejects who couldn't make it at the public school level and got a job here and don't know how to teach and frankly are not interested in teaching! If I hear one more time that these teachers are NOT here to teach my kid but my kid is supposed to teach himself....I'm going to SCREAM!!!!!

- submitted by a parent
no rating February 23, 2010
I am a parent of an ischoolhigh student. Our experience has been awesome! The teachers care about the students, the vision/purpose for the school is preparing kids for the 21st century which I believe their doing a great job. It is clean, small enough to help the students, big enough for the kids to feel like they have something going. Mrs Heath is an incredible teacher/counselor/principal there. Nothing but good to say!!!

- submitted by a parent
July 07, 2009
The highly talented staff at iSchoolHigh offers a new innovative approach to education that my straight 'A' student feels is more challenging than the traditional education he received in public school.

- submitted by a parent
June 05, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent

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