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Which San Antonio elementary is best for gifted students?


Anonymous January 29, 2009

I have a gifted son who needs a program geared toward kids like him. He is not thriving in his traditional public school. He is beginning to be labelled as a bad kid because he is bored, distracted constantly and not challenged. He needs to be with other kids who think like him and can move at a quicker pace.

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healthy11 January 29, 2009

Hi. I'm not from San Antonio, but I also have a gifted child and know what you mean about boredom leading to other issues. Exactly how old/what grade is your son in? Some schools don't begin gifted programming until kids are 3rd grade or so....does your current school not offer any gifted programming at all? Have you called your local district, to see what is available?

I don't know if you've got a local chapter of any gifted parents group, but I've found that getting involved at the local level, and networking through that type of organization, such as Mensa, often is the best way to find out about good schools and other resources. There is also a book by Susan Winebrenner called "Teaching Gifted Kids in the Regular Classroom" and if all else fails, you might give a copy of it to your son's teacher.

For general information, you might like to join Greatschools Gifted Group at


lockmama February 13, 2009

Whether or not your child's school has a gifted program depends on the school. Depending on your district, the school may offer to transport your child to another nearby school that does offer a Gifted/Talented program. If you visit the school's website, there is generally a blurb regarding how G/T students are accommodated. Contact the school's G/T teacher or the principal to see about getting your son tested.


GTTeacherJai February 19, 2009

From what I understand (having recently spoken with the GT coordinator for the San Antonio region), only a few school districts in San Antonio have pull-out GT programs, while the rest only offer in-class differentiation. Both the Northeast and Northside school districts offer strong pull-out programs...I was in one of them as a child.

However, if you find that your gifted child is not served by public school in general, you may consider other options, like private school, private tutoring, and/or homeschooling, like many other parents of gifted children.

I'm actually the private teacher for two gifted children from two different families, and you might be interested to know that we're planning to set up a small school group here in San Antonio for this coming year called 'The Phoenix Academy'. This will be geared specifically for gifted children not served in traditional schools; my two students also had problems in their former schools, but are thriving in our current situation.

Whether you're interested in joining us or not, I'd still love to help you in whatever way I can--I definitely understand what it's like to be a frustrated gifted student! Please feel free to message me and I can pass on the links, resources, etc. I've found for gifted stuff here in TX and San Antonio. Good luck with whatever decision you make!


lockmama March 2, 2009

Try Under local G/T groups, there is a listing for Judson and Alamo Heights parents group. If you are in one of those districts, you might get some good recommendations from another parent.


michelle2302 April 20, 2009

You should look at Keystone School. The website is The accelerated curriculum sounds like it may be a good match for your child!


plaughermomma June 10, 2009

I teach at the San Antonio School for Inquiry and Creativity. Our students are typically those that are accelerated and therefore, distractions or problems in public schools. Our students have the freedom to make choices concerning their academic careers and have a dedicated staff at their disposal to help with this process. We are currently implementing a program to help our high schoolers potentially earn an associates by the time they graduate high school. I think the best quality you will find at our school is the incredible bond teachers have with students. The school takes a holistic, individualized approach to education. Our motto is "Understanding Matters." Understanding our students and what their goals/dreams are is top priority. We are their to serve the students needs. Check it out sometime. See if it is what you are looking for. We will fit your needs, you will not have to change or lower your expectations or standards for your child to be successful here. The phone is 210-738-0020.


MomOnMars June 17, 2009

You might also look at Winston. It bills itself as a school for children who learn differently (mostly, they look for kids with ADHD or dyslexia). What I liked about it is that they place children at their academic level, not age level. What I didn't like about it is that they are very expensive and do not particularly seem to want gifted kids with any kind of accompanying behavioral/social issue (such as kids with Aspergers).

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