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How do you find out what school district you live in?


Anonymous March 2, 2009

How do you find out what school district you live in?

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healthy11 March 2, 2009

Some cities have websites that list which school districts serve their children. If you're buying a house, your real estate agent listing should say. If you're already in a home or apartment, and really haven't a clue, I'd recommend asking a neighbor with children which school their kids go to. Usually local newspapers run articles about "school events" so that's another way you can see what districts are in your area. Once you have an idea, call the School District and ask them to verify exactly which facility a student who lives at your particular address would attend.


3PeasinaPod May 16, 2009

In Texas, you can check the TEA website @ which will allow you to locate your district and school. It is not as easy as it sounds. Their map is a little tedious to read.

I would then advise you to double check with the district's website to ensure that the information on TEA's site is accurate for your particular school. School districts, especially here in San Antonio, have been experiencing increasing enrollment and, therefore, redistricting.

Finally, I would then contact the listed school and re-verify that the website information was accurate (see "healthy11"s suggestion). :)

As far as relying on a real estate agent, if you have a great agent, super! BUT, be aware that many agents rely on information contained in the listing and do not verify it's legitimacy.

I also agree with "Healthy11" that neighbors are a great source of information especially on the inner-workings of a school. Although rare, occasionally some neighbors find themselves on opposite sides of district keep that in mind.

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