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lish17 April 19, 2011

This summer my family will be moving to San Antonio from a small town. I have only visited in the past so I've been doing some research and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice. My son's will be middle and elementary school next school year. I am going to be working at the San Antonio LIghthouse (I was told it was down the street from the mission but still not exactly sure where that is) I am trying to find an apartment or townhome to rent that is in a good school district. I am relying on public transportation to get me to work so my basis on renting will be depending on which schools are best for the kids. My oldes who is 12 is autistic so that's one thing I have to consider on looking for schools, their special needs assistance. I know this is long but I am stuck and would absolutely love any suggestions or advice. Thanks in advance for any replies.

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jdflores July 19, 2012

You should look into New Frontiers Charter School ( They have a great academic program and offer K-8, so your son's can be at the same location. It has a great family feel.


textodd March 26, 2012

Given that your location is on the southside of SA, I would seriously look into the offerings of Harlandale ISD. They recently won a best in the state of Texas rating and have been doing more with less for many years. Given their location, Harlandale seems to be doing a very good job.


lish17 April 27, 2011

Thank you so much for your suggestions....i'm on the ball right now! :)


plazhaven April 20, 2011

Hmmmm that is a tall order. I googled the address and it is on the southside of S.A. which unfortunately doesn't have as good of school ratings as on the Northside of S.A. However there are always good schools in every district. What I'm not sure about is the type of programs available in these districts for your autistic son. You might want to make your way up to the Alamo Heights SD or Northside SD. Call the district office and find out what schools can accomodate your special needs and THEN find a community near by for housing.. Public transportation should not be a problem in most communities inside the 1604 Loop. Let me know if I can help you in any other way. (I'm a realtor)

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