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Oakwell Farms? Best high schools? Alamo Heights - can pay to get in?


ksgirl April 24, 2011

Does anyone know anything about Oakwell Farms neighborhood?

I read somewhere if you are out of district, you can pay a fee to go to Alamo Heights High School - is this true?

Best high schools - We are looking at St. Mary's hall and Alamo Heights, possibly Keystone. Gifted child, athletic (Keystone offers very few sports). Any other suggestions - that are not so far north? We will be working downtown.

Thank you.

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SATX_Parent November 13, 2011

Yes. Alamo Heights does accept a limited number of tuition students. For more information visit:

Central Catholic/Providence are downtown and have a good reputation if you are open to a parochial school. If you have a daughter, Incarnet Word HS has a good college prep program that is integrated with the adjacent university.


Reedmom November 18, 2011

Welcome to Oakwell Farms -

The kids in this neighborhood go to a variety of schools. I'd have to say that Saint Mary's Hall and Alamo Heights are the most common. There are also some kids that attend the NEISD schools that are what we pay taxes for. Some parents like their kids attending Mac Arthur High School because it is easier to get in the top 10% there than Alamo Heights. Just something to think about for college admissions. Also NEISD allows school choice to another high school in the district if space is available. Lots of parents really like MacArthur though- you might go check it out.


textodd March 26, 2012

My son goes to Keystone and while I'll admit that they don't offer things like baseball or football, their academic program is second-to-none. I can highly recommend Keystone without hesitation. They are also getting ready to do some pretty vast campus expansion which may change some offerings. In any event, good luck on your search.

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