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IB school?


brandeem August 11, 2011

We are moving from the Seattle area next month. Currently my daughter attends an IB school. She is extremely bright.- tested and proven on paper. =)She will be entering the 8th grade. Can anyone please lend advice on which school(s) would be the best fit for her?
Also, my son will be going into the 3rd grade. which school is best? We will live in the 78253/4 area.

Thank you!

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reneecg2 August 23, 2011

I don't know much about the public schools in that area, although that section of town is very new...was just wilderness mostly 10 years ago. If you want a private school, you are probably going to have to drive across town. You might get more responses by asking about a specific elementary or middle school. The IB concept is not popular here althought NEISD has one high school at 410 and Harry Wurzbach that you could attend, you have to apply. Many friends who aren't happy with their public schools send their children there. It is very college prep. Otherwise, the best schools for Education in San Antonio privately (IMHO) are Keystone, St Mary's Hall and possibly San Antonio Christian. All of these schools mean a 30 minute drive for you...but your housing is pretty far from the center of town. Good luck! Welcome to San Antonio!

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