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Possibly Moving to SATX work @ Ft. Sam


jeannie22150 November 3, 2011

Looking for the best schools for All three levels. Elementary, Middle and HS. Kids love the arts - music and drama, and Sports - USYS soccer and Football - although I am not sure we are up for TX football. Kids are straight A students so looking for more than just teaching to the test. Any suggestions on what we should be looking for?

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Jhansendo November 3, 2011

The NEISD is great. My children attend Encino Park Elementary. It is an exemplary school by rating, but this is based primarily on test scores. This is nice, though it is also clear that the curriculum starting in second grade is VERY achievement test-driven. I have heard the same things about Tejeda MS and Johnson HS. Although I have also heard Tejeda is capped. Not sure about Bush MS, also a great school on the other side of HWY 281. I work at BAMC/Ft. Sam, and it is about 20 min to work if going before traffic, 30-40 min in traffic.


debcstamps November 3, 2011

We live near Bush Middle School. We had heard good things about it but in the end decided it was too big of a school for him. Our son is at Our Savior Lutheran School. (PreK-8). The interaction between the different grade levels is great - the older ones help the younger ones. Being in a smaller school also means he's had the opportunity to participate in some of the sports and musicals that he probably wouldn't have in a bigger school. I can't say enough about this school! Being a private school also means that the classes don't revolve around state testing!
From the Stone Oak area it's about 12 miles to OSL. (Husband also works at BAMC/Ft Sam)


Kakamy November 9, 2011

We were excited to put our 2 nd grader in the northeast school district by fort sam. We were not impressed, it is very heavy on drilling kids for the test. I wish we would have checked out Bonham elementary downtown, hawthorn academy charter school, and observed more schools in general to find a good match instead of going off of recommendations and internet research. I heard from an education policy analyst for the city that NEISD puts a serious emphasis on the test and test prep, which is true in my experience. We moved to TX from NYC and our little joke is a good Texas school is a crummy school up north.


SATX_Parent November 13, 2011

The Alamo Heights public school system is adjacent to Fort Sam Houston and is highly rated. The neighborhood is well established and the school facilities are older but fine. The newer top rated public schools are in NEISD north of loop 1604 on both sides of Hwy 281. Here you will find modern master planned communities with state-of-the-art facilities. Schools in both districts are large with several hundred kids per grade level. If you want a private school, there are several Catholic schools in the area. Or Keystone offers a non-religious affiliated private school that is well rated. If money is no object, St Maryâ??s Hall may be a consideration.

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