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Frustrated with the TAKS / STAAR test?


SATX_Parent November 13, 2011

River City Christian School (RCCS) is one of the few schools in San Antonio (K-12) that does not require students to take the annual TAKS/STAAR test. Instead they use the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS). Unlike most area schools, RCCS does not teach to standardized tests or use the results to hold students back. Instead, the school uses the tests as a guide to help determine a student's strengths/weaknesses and adapts their teaching style/curriculum accordingly.

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MYPhillips March 8, 2012

This is GREAT to hear...I will look into the curriculum. These days, Texas schools (and many other states) are only teaching to pass that test which proves nothing in regard to how, or what information kids retain. Just another money maker if you ask me.


SATX_Parent March 8, 2012

RCCS uses the Math-U-See program ( Not only is this great for visual learners, it is also self-paced (with teacher assistance). A student can advance more than one grade level per year, or they can take extra time if needed. In addition to a traditional reading program, RCCS offers a PowerLine option ( This multisensory program has proven effective for slow readers. While the school's faculties are modest, the staff genuinely cares about the students. RCCS offers a good variety of extracurricular activities, and all students are welcome to participate, regardless of skill level.


textodd March 26, 2012

Actually, it is my understanding that most all non-public schools in the San Antonio area are not required to & do not use the TAKS/STAAR standardized tests. So, if you don't want to have your child take those tests, there are many private schools to choose from. :)


SATX_Parent March 26, 2012

In my view, the issue is less about the test and more about how it is used. Many schools, both public and private, teach to these tests rather than use them as a tool to gauge strengths and weaknesses. There are many learning styles. Some children naturally do better on standardized tests than others. I've heard countless stories about A-B students who don't do well on these tests, and are then held back or made to feel inferior.

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