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Are the bilingual charter schools good in Math and Sciences?


lou5544 August 9, 2010

I'm concerned about taking my daughter to a bilingual charter school. Is she going to be behind in Math and Sciences? She was accepted at Dual Immersion school. How are these schools rated?

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atrutzel September 15, 2010

It's frustrating to read someone state "DIA is a Title I school" without acknowledging the context of what that means! It's completely misleading. The reason DIA is a Title I school is that they did not "make sufficient yearly progress for 2-years in Language Arts" They did not become a Title I school because of Math and/or science.

Further, you have to do your research on dual-language learning and understand its affects. For the first few years, children will be a little "behind" their English only counterparts. Around 5th grade they "catch up". By the time they are in Junior high and beyond, they SURPASS students who had English only during Elementary school.

As a note, both of my kids are at least 2-years AHEAD of students in English only classrooms in English language arts and Math. The program works!


svcgirl13 August 18, 2010

My daughter was accepted to this school too, but we are trying to find her a better school. The test scores at DIA are unacceptable and it is now a title 1 school. Finding a good school in the state of Utah is very difficult and this is definately not one of them.

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