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School boundaries?


miaoster May 24, 2012

I am moving to SLC this summer, and I want to live near one of the top rated elementary schools. What is the best way to find out each school boundaries?

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elsykes August 9, 2012

Here is the link to the slc school district website - your should be able to find a boundaries map at this site.
The "best schools" obviously very subjective - but top rated in terms of testing - are Beacon Heights, Bonneville, Dillworth, and Uintah. Keep in mind that you do not have to attend your neighborhood school. If there is space (big IF for the top schools) you can apply to go to any school. So if you find your area school not up to standard, ask around for other options.


tripletmom24x7 June 15, 2012

Their are two ways that I know of, one is to go on the schools website and it will have it there, or call the school and ask what the boundaries are.


sandiekd21 May 29, 2012

I don't know about the rating, but Rose Park Elementary is an AWESOME school. When we lived in the boundaries and my step son went there two years ago, it was very welcoming.
The staff, the kids, the parents, everyone was just super nice. They have anti-bullying policies in place that everyone, kids included, really seems invested in.
Just a really good school all around.
Welcome to SLC!
Hope this helps.

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