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Public charter
West Haven, UT
Students enrolled: 950
Before care: No
After care: No

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4862 West 4000 South
West Haven, UT 84401

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(801) 731-9859
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February 18, 2015
I use to teach at Quest and am now teaching elsewhere due to my husband going to school out of state. I absolutely loved teaching at Quest. I loved the kids, administration, secretaries, etc. I am now teaching at a new school and have realized that schools don't get better than Quest. The administration is wonderful and supportive. The technology integration is amazing, and kids are able to learn regardless of ability. The kids are held to a high standard and expectations are high. I would go back to Quest in a heartbeat if I could!

- submitted by a teacher
January 31, 2015
I went to quest 5-8 grade it is a great school sents I started there my grade average went up 2 it is a great school

- submitted by a community member
January 09, 2015
Quest was the BEST decision we ever made educationally for our children. I pulled my children from our neighborhood school, Kanesville Elementary for many reasons - among them: Typical district school, cookie cutter same as the rest Typical administration, non caring and non responsive to my concerns Typical district teachers, many past their prime. in fact, when we moved to West Haven, I was warned by my neighbors which teachers to avoid and the list was long! Typical curriculum, one size fits all approach to education, I felt my children were stifled and held back, restricted from reaching their full potential. Terrible parking lot situation. Too small! Quest Academy is just what I was looking for. The faculty, administrators, and staff are caring and do their jobs very well!! When my child got in trouble, I was amazed at how professionally the issue was dealt with, but it was dealt with, they do not brush misbehavior under the rug! I feel my children are safe, and if there are problems, they will be taken care of. I love the teachers at Quest, specifically junior high. I feel Quest has gone the extra mile to earn my support and my trust.

- submitted by a parent
January 08, 2015
If you are considering placing your child an Quest, it is not worth it. My children went there for a while and our experience was not a good one. While we were there, we saw many students leave the school, as well as teachers. Eventually, we left, too. My children now attend Kanesville Elementary, which has been better in every way. The secretaries are actually nice, and the administration is respectful, and caring. This was not the case at Quest (Dr. Dave, Barlow, & Tippetts are rude and difficult to deal with). Also, we no longer have put up with the horrible parking lot situation at Quest. My children are more challenged now at Kanesville and they actually enjoy school! Honestly, I didn't know what a burden Quest was until we left. We are all much happier now.

- submitted by a parent
November 14, 2014
We LOVE Quest! Our kids have yet to have a bad day, or a bad teacher. The administration at our school is AMAZING in every way. I have watched my children's test scores soar. They actually enjoy their homework. The learning environment is very controlled, non-chaotic, and peaceful. Bullying is not tolerated. Teachers are friends with and supportive to one another and you can contact them at any time with questions or suggestions. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classrooms as well as out of the classroom. I always feel so welcome when I come to the school. The secretaries are also amazing! They let my kids use the phone when they need to call home. They have patched up skinned knees and just listened when a child needs to chat. The Office at Quest is a safe place for them to go. My children are doing things with technology that I never thought possible. The children's needs are put first at our school, everything is based on helping them to succeed, be happy, and most of all feel safe and comfortable. Moving my children to Quest was the best decision we ever made.

- submitted by a parent
November 09, 2014
This school has been such a great blessing to my family! We decided to pull our child from regular public school due to the district's inability to help our child be more successful academically. We felt that the teacher's hands were tied. It wasn't that he didn't want to help--it's just that the resources weren't there. In two short months, our child is above where she should be. We new we were seeing great leaps academically, but it was nice to have our child's teacher show us data and scores using the same assessments that were used at her previous school. Our child is more confident. In addition to the classroom teacher instructing our child in a small group setting on a daily basis, Quest also offered 30 minutes of tutoring after school! Our child was also offered "intervention" every day. This program provided another small group learning opportunity. Our child no longer needs this resource, as the tutoring and care of the classroom teacher have done their jobs. Quest staff care about students. My spouse and I can't say thank you enough for helping our child.

- submitted by a parent
November 09, 2014
The best part about choosing Quest for my kiddos is that there has never been a day that either of my children have NOT wanted to go to school. It is such a wonderful feeling as a parent to know that your child enjoys school and feels loved by their teacher. I have never had to fight with them about going to school and if I tell them I will check them out to go anywhere, they do not want to get checked out. Very reassuring as a mom, to know that your children are in a safe and loving environment.

- submitted by a parent
November 08, 2014
I disagree with the posting regarding administration and staff and Q2. I feel that the school integrates technology and curriculum beautifully!!! I feel this approach is meeting my child's needs far better than a teacher teaching all the students the same thing! My child may be more advanced than other children in the class, but because of the method of teaching being offered is not held back! A teacher is just one aspect of a successful classroom, and I am grateful that Quest Academy has a forward thinking approach to education rather than being stuck in the dark ages. Thanks, teachers and staff at Q2!! Keep up the great work!

- submitted by a parent
November 06, 2014
I am disappointed about the leadership and teaching faculty at Q2. It seems as though the administrator over Q2 is more interested in "protecting" teachers that don't appear to be able to teach the state mandated curriculum but are VERY good at telling students they need to spend more time on a computer. The fact that this is supposed to be a "technology" school should NOT override the need for a competent teacher to teach. Unfortunately this seems to be the method used in this particular part of Quest. Q1 appears to be run differently, and much better. Q2 is a disaster from a qualified instructor point of view. Multiple times, requests for information have been ignored or I am sent a link to a state website. I don't need the link, I need to know what is ACTUALLY being taught besides the computer program. If that is all that is being taught, get rid of the teacher and do the course online.

- submitted by a parent
August 18, 2014
Quest has made some excellent changes in the last two years. The new administration holds the teachers, parents, and students to a high standard of excellence. The teachers are happy and love their jobs. The students have many caring individuals looking out for their welfare. I love Quest!

- submitted by a community member
July 18, 2014
My children have attended Quest Academy for three years now and I have nothing but good to say about this school. I've been so impressed by the quality of the teachers here--they're the most important part of a school, in my opinion. I have children in accelerated classes and a child with developmental delays. Each one of them has had their needs met and been challenged at their particular level. The focus on technology is great and I also love the real-world experiences they are given through various projects and enriching field trips. For the most part, all of the children that attend the school just seem like good kids. I've never noticed any bullying going on--something that I witnessed almost daily at our neighborhood school. It's just a great, great school. The parking lot definitely requires some patience, time, and experience but it's come a long way in the past few years. I would love to see more after-school programs or sports offered for the children.

- submitted by a parent
June 21, 2014
My children attended Quest Academy from the first year it opened until this last school year. We made the initial move because we were convinced the education and technology focus would be better. We were wrong. After switching back to our boundary school, we discovered that our kids were actually behind. This was especially difficult for my fifth grader who had been placed in the "accelerated" class at Quest. Now she is catching up in math big time. As it turned out, Quest was rated lower than our boundary school. Also, I was bothered by the fact that my other child's teacher there did not have a teaching license. I worked closely with several teachers at Quest, and none of them seemed to really enjoy teaching. There is a huge difference in the mood of the faculty at Quest compared to our boundary school. The secretaries are actually pleasant at the kids' new school. The children are not little soldiers. They are kids, as it should be! The parking lot has improved a lot at Quest, but it is still ridiculous. I could go on and on about how unfair and rude the administration is there. Basically, pulling my kids out of Quest was the best thing I ever did.

- submitted by a parent
April 25, 2014
My son really loves this school and next fall my daughter will be attending kindergarten there. We never have problems in the parking lot except for parents who do not follow the rules and walk across to the school at a no crossing area. Other cars can't see and them and that's where the trouble comes in. The teachers are great and the secretaries are quite nice. But this year is a little different with the new principal, there seems to be hardly any after school activities. I would really love to see it, and would love to see some kind of sports like soccer or something

- submitted by a parent
April 14, 2014
At parent orientation night a staff member spoke with her back to us. This was my first impression of this school and it has stuck with me ever since. The teachers are unsocial with each other and the children are discouraged to socialize. My child's teacher was very uninvolved with the children, I never actually saw her teach a concept. The only thing I ever seen her explain was how to log on to a computer. She often had her shoes off, like she was on vacation. Our child spent most of the days doing worksheets and doing tests on a computer screen. I felt as though this would be a great school to raise a "cube farm" employee. The parking lot situation is a mess at pick-up, it's a huge traffic jam. Lani Rounds the former principle wanted to remove the doors from the bathroom stalls for zero-privacy because there were a couple of instances of children writing on the walls. We moved our kids to Voyage Academy, they emphasize "expeditionary learning". This school is not perfect by any means, but my son is no longer having mental breakdowns after school like he did with Quest. He enjoys school now, and I think you have to enjoy school and be excited about what you are learning.

- submitted by a parent
January 31, 2014
school is completely out of Line they have what is called a dress down day sometimes it's free other times it's a dollar is what I've been told any way. my wife typically takes care of the kids and their school issues she is out of town at a unexpected funeral so I took my son to school on a dress down day he called me about 10 minutes later and said he needs a dollar for dress down day and I said okay let them know I will have it when I pick you up after school that was not good enough for them so he handed the phone to the secretary and she informed me that if he does not have a dollar or a uniform He Will have to wear One of they're loaner uniforms I told the lady I do not want him wearing the uniform I told her to send him to class and that I would have the money to Them at the end of school she hung up on me so I drove back to the school with my two children to give them a dollar I arrived and my son was still standing out there not allowed to go into class yet all over $1 that I said I would pay at the end of the school they are ridiculous I'm going to make this As public as I can they are out of line and out of control!!!!

- submitted by a parent
October 31, 2013
Incredible school. The teachers, staff and school board all work together to create an environment that makes children feel safe. They are able to learn and be themselves, which is invaluable. The teachers are highly qualified and do a great job. The school integrates technology into their education which is wonderful. I could not be more happy with this school. The entire staff runs on one idea, It is ALL about the children, and I could not agree more. I am so sorry that the previous negative commenters missed the point of this school, it is tragic.

- submitted by a parent
September 12, 2013
Although the academic environment was what we wanted. I found we were getting over 2 hours a night of homework in 2nd grade which made me wonder exactly what they were doing in class. Also my son was bullied for 3 years and the school did nothing to address it, even though thier policy states bullying will not be tolerated they protected his bully. Also since the new board came in the whole feeling of the school changed from a great community vibe to one of distance and uncaring. They let go a great principal for no reason. We found an expeditionary learning school which better suited our needs and puts the focus on our son and his needs. It's a good school that was once great.

- submitted by a parent
September 10, 2013
We love Quest Academy. I have four children that have gone there over the years. Quest has consistent standards between all of the teachers for discipline, control, and curriculum. My kids don't have to learn a new system with each new teacher. I have kids with learning disabilities and they are getting far more help at Quest than they ever got at home school with the district. The curriculum is also rich and engages the children in active learning. It's not just busy work. As for the comment by another parent on the virtual field trips, Quest has plenty of regular field trips. My son took two last year. The virtual field trips are a supplemental thing they do to enrich the children's understanding of places where school children would not normally be able to take field trips. It's unfortunate that the other commenter did not understand that because my children have loved learning about places all over the world with the virtual field trips. Quest really makes fantastic use of technology in the learning process and their methods are helping the children to succeed and thrive in the technology rich world we live in.

- submitted by a parent
September 04, 2013
We have two children at Quest Academy and we've loved it. Their focus on integrating technology into the learning process is very relevant to today's society. We've had amazing teachers and the parent involvement is outstanding.

- submitted by a parent
August 19, 2013
Amazingly talented teachers and an incredible staff. My kids attended the local elementary in Weber County school district before attending Quest and there is ZERO comparison. The kids are challenged and really pushed with such encouragement a support. Completely satisfied with Quest Academy! Only thing I'd change is the parking lot. :(. It can be a real nightmare when parents aren't courteous and don't follow the traffic rules.

- submitted by a parent
May 20, 2013
One family seems to be running the entire school. With one family running the school a parent or staff member needs to be in complete agreement with the family or they are allowed zero input.

- submitted by a parent
April 24, 2013
Quest Academy is a K-9 school in West Haven, UT. The school integrates technology throughout the student's learning experience...both as an instructional delivery tool and as a means for students to engage in their learning. Based on survey data parent's satisfaction is extremely high. Over 97% of parents indicated that Quest is doing a fabulous job at fulfilling its mission. Survey results indicate the top three reasons that parents bring their kids to Quest: 1) Students individual needs are being met; 2) Schools provides positive and nurturing environment; 3) Teachers are amazing!

- submitted by a teacher
December 05, 2011
I have been disappointed in the school's lack of integrating a traditional field trip program. Instead the school relies on the internet and calls it a "technology based curriculum" when really they are trying to supplement hands on learning with a keyboard and screen. Quite frankly the experiences these kids are missing out on because they are going on "virtual field trips" is tragic.

- submitted by a parent
August 23, 2011
This is a great school. I have only herad great things about Qest Academy. I love that the technology is cutting edge.

- submitted by a parent
May 26, 2011
I just wanted to counter some of the things the previous poster wrote. I also have a first-grader at Quest and my experience with the teachers and staff have been nothing short of amazing. My son has had homework every week and also brings home reading books every day. The teachers and staff are always available and they always send out surveys to get parent's input. They place the children in appropriate groups for reading and math. My son is on a 4th grade level in both reading and math. I can't wait for my daughter to start kindergarten next fall!

- submitted by a parent
March 21, 2011
This is the worst charter school I have ever had an experience with. The teachers lack experience, are disorganized, don't take constructive suggestions well. My son went to school there for 6 months and it was the worst decision I ever made. He left Kindergarten with a First Grade education.. by the time I got testing back from Quest he was barely testing at a Kindergarten level. The first grade teacher we had does not believe homework is effective. She is DEAD wrong. I never saw any math or science come home. She made up her own worksheets for language arts that were completely laughable. She made up her own definitions on the sheet instead of just putting a standard children's dictionary definition. She repeated words from previous spelling tests. The reading program is a joke. The books to check off never made it into my kids bag. I moved my kids to another charter school in the area and I havent looked back. If I had a choice I would give this school NO STARS but it isn't an option on this site.

- submitted by a parent
no rating April 06, 2010
Fantastic school!! Teachers and staff are wonderful. I feel my two children are at an advantage over a traditional public school because of the caliber of teachers Quest employs. The considerable use of technology in their teaching has greatly increased the understanding of the concepts being taught. I am grateful I found such a wonderful school.

- submitted by a parent
February 08, 2010
My husband and I could not be more pleased with the education that out two sons are receiving from Quest! We put our now 5th grader in Quest last year after having a number of issues with his previous elementary. The difference has been incredible! Faculty and staff are always available to answer questions and parent involvement is encouraged by everyone. Our 5th grader and our kindegartener both have teachers with open door policies-we can walk and observe their classes at anytime, no advance 'warning' necessary.The technology based curriculum has given both boys an advantage over their friends in traditional elemantary schools.

- submitted by a parent
January 29, 2010
Still a new school. They are still working out details staff seems confused about what direction school is heading.

- submitted by a parent

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Quest Academy
4862 West 4000 South, West Haven, UT  84401
(801) 731-9859
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