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The power of positive words

When your child doesn't live up to your expectations, TV's "America's Supernanny" Deborah Tillman says there's a way to lift them up to be their best selves.

The power of positive words


At our #emotionalsmarts Google+ Hangout called Letting Kids Fail, these experts each offered advice that all parents can take to heart and try at home.

NBC's Michele Borba and former NBA pro Adonal Foyle's winning advice on helping your child do it all


Fixed vs. growth mindset

World-renowned Stanford University psychologist Carol Dweck explains the core idea behind "Mindset," her breakthrough book on how to truly motivate kids.

Fixed vs. growth mindset


Is it sibling rivalry or bullying?

"I hate you!" "You're an idiot!" "I wish you were never born!" Parenting expert Christine Carter says some sibling rivalry should be called what it is: bullying.

Is it sibling rivalry or bullying?


My top tip for a happier home

Deborah Tillman says that in so many of the homes she visits throughout the country, parents overlook doing this one simple thing that will help avoid a world of conflict.

My top tip for a happier home


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