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Herndon, VA
Students enrolled: 593

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750 Peachtree Street
Herndon, VA 20170

(703) 880-4315
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January 19, 2015
This school is just awful. My child attended it all 9 years (95-04) and he just hated all their rules and regulations. Teachers very unintelligent and cannot see the constant bad behavior going on. Child does not have good relation with the teachers and never wants to see that school again now that its over with. I personally enjoy the experience with the teachers, though the principal was very rude and inconsiderate to my opinions. One of my main concerns is the pink concerns the band students have to wear when they go on their field trips. The boys complain and complain and another parent i met recently told me they still continue to do it. I greatly regret this decision and hope this review helps.

- submitted by a parent
January 01, 2015
I sent my child here to provide the same Catholic education that my parents gave me. I wanted my children to learn about God and Christian values while growing up. However, SJS was not that place. I was paying for a religious education not advanced placement kindergarten. The school puts too much pressure on academics and not enought on Jesus. SJS has forgotten that they are should be leading with the word of God and not pushing for Honor Society or another Blue Ribbon. If your child is AP ready you will love it here. If your child is middle of the road or farther behind your better at FCPS in a smaller classroom.

- submitted by a parent
August 02, 2014
Wow, these reviews are very disheartening. Does anyone have anything good to say about the math and science programs at St. Joseph's? I recognize that negative reviewers are more likely to post, but there should be a few more positive reviews here ... unless ...? I am considering St. Joseph's for my 9 yo son, and it would be great if there were more posts here about the specifics of the quality of the STEM classes. Thx.

- submitted by a parent
April 20, 2014
We bought a house in Herndon so we would be close to SJS. However, it became clear early on that we would not be sending our kids there for their entire elementary-school career. While I liked the teachers my kids had in kindergarten and 1st grade, the 2nd-grade choices were questionable, and above all the principal is not interested at all in the opinions/concerns of the parents. Suggestions are met with a paternalistic pat on the head. Times have changed in the ~40 years she has been there, but things remain status quo. As far as the quality of the education - I judged the science fair for 2 years and had to stop volunteering out of disappointment. There are no opportunities for enrichment or extra help. The Blue Ribbon status they are always touting was from SEVEN years ago! Like many parents, one of my reasons for choosing a Catholic-school education for my kids was so they could be taught in a Christ-like environment. I found this was not the case at SJS - the only benefit was having religion classes so my kids didn't have to spend their Saturdays in CCD. Christian values can be taught in any school, whether or not they can use the word Christ.

- submitted by a parent
September 16, 2013
Overall, St. Joe's is a good school. It is challenging academically with large classes (35 max per classroom - which really is too large for first graders trying to learn to read). If your child is at either end of the spectrum, it may not be the best fit for them as classes are geared for the high middle of the curve. The teachers are mostly very encouraging and loving, except for one who likes to bully certain kids - and yes, everyone knows who that teacher is but nothing is ever done about it. (I hear the same complaints each year.) The school community can be cliquish and some of the kids are bullied terribly - again, everyone knows who those bullies are, but nothing is done, maybe because their parents are bullies as well. I hear the older grades are worse than the younger, so heaven help us when we get there. Having said all that, our kids are happy, they are learning and I have met many wonderful people there. There are many volunteer opportunities (once you take a class) that give you the chance to see the school and meet others. I think smaller classes (at least for the little ones) and a zero tolerance toward bullying would go a long way to make this a 5 star school.

- submitted by a parent
August 17, 2013
For the most part I think St. Joe's was a good school. I sent my children (3) there because I wanted them to get the same education I did, that is a catholic taught environment. The biggest problem I had with the school was bullying and clique problem particularly by the students. It was apparent that the parents imparted this behavior because, for the most part, they were very competitive. However, there were a few congenial parents. The teachers tried to help the students, some more than others. Another problem, there was a lot of nepotism.

- submitted by a parent
February 20, 2013
I absolutely love this school. It's my son's first year and he enjoys the teacher, faculty and all the kids in his class. It's a loving community and enviornment. Not sure what the below review is all about, but I've seen nothing but warmth and kindness toward the kids and parents. I regularly check in with my son's teacher and love the updates I'm given. Their aftercare program is wonderful - with plenty of people to oversee the kids. Everyone has to go through a background check in order to volunteer at the school - that includes all faculty as well...anyone who works for the church and school. It's a close-knit community and couldn't feel happier or more confident with the education my son is getting from the school. For me, the fact it seems smaller than other catholic schools (and public) with 600 kids shows me they get the time and attention needed to thrive. I think the experience is what you make it - become involved and volunteer and you and your child get more out with the more you put in. I've made several friends and find it extremely easy to talk to the staff, parents and students. I'm confident in the school and the faith and education they instill in my son

- submitted by a parent
February 13, 2013
Teachers not very well educated. Overly competitive. The concentration is on the stars of the school, so the test scores go up. No-one cares about the kids who are not super-achievers. The parents and teachers are clique-ish. Years of pain that has left my son damaged. A cruel environment. Religion without kindness.

- submitted by a parent
January 30, 2013
Great school. So far in two years there, my son is thriving. He is doing well academically, spiritually and physically and he makes friends easy. I've liked the interaction I've had with the Principal and teachers there. I like this school a lot and know my son will do well and is in good hands. I don't understand the negative reviews as I haven't seen it and my wife and I are fairly active and she volunteers her time there. She taught in Catholic schools and she sees what a nice place it is for our son.

- submitted by a parent
November 09, 2012
I have three children at this school. All three are doing well academically and enjoy going to school. The teachers are caring and experienced. The principal is a very hands on lady who shockingly seems to know everyone's name. The parents at this school are aslo very hands on and very involved (some might see that as cliqueish, I'm not in a clique nor do I care to be). Parents are encouraged to volunteer in classroom activites, field trips and special events. I volunteer and having been a teacher (elsewhere) myself I know what to look for in a classroom setting and student behavior. My observations have led me to conclude that this is a healthy nurturing environment! (BTW, all volunteers even parents must submit to a background check & attend a lengthy seminar prior to any contact with students) I am pleased with the moral values taught to the children. Some have complained about the student teacher ratio, but the teachers receive help from TAs and volunteers which consequently frees up the teacher's workload and allows them to focus more on the students. No school is ever perfect, but this one does not deserve some of the negative comments I have seen on this website.

- submitted by a parent
November 09, 2012
Don't send your child to this school. When I attended it, I was constantly bullied and often felt left out. I thought it was my fault until I attended a public high school, when I realized it wasn't me, it was them. I also find the lack of diversity among the students disappointing. I gave this school two stars solely because of the excellent English and history programs it offers. Its math program is terrible, and I suffered its consequences in high school. So one star for you, St. Joe's.

- submitted by a community member
September 20, 2012
With my second child at SJS I am still very satisfied. K and 1st grade were excellent and my nonreader blossomed. The spelling, reading, and vocabulary curriculum is mutually reinforcing and a good mix of phonics and whole word recognition. Math is equally good, with the basics and some good set theory blended well. Science is weaker. Religion is a focus, but that is what I expected and wanted from a Catholic school. The staff is not super friendly and the parents are cliquish. This school is not for everyone, but it delivers as advertised.

- submitted by a parent
May 19, 2012
Have had my child there since K and have had no issues with the school other than their sports programs which are very questionable. Great school overall

- submitted by a parent
February 28, 2012
St. Joseph's school is nicely situated in Herndon. It has a fairly decent staff, but they are incredibly fast paced and heaven help you if your child is struggling or has a question. They won't slow down. They simply want to get through the syllabus regardless if the children actually LEARN anything. Their handwriting is top notch, their English program and History programs are excellent. Their Science is so-so and the Math is horrendous. You will find your child ill prepared for the rigors of High School (private or public) in the areas of Math and Science if they attend St. Joseph's.

- submitted by a parent
February 11, 2012
If you love your kids, do not send them to this school. I attended SJS from 94'-01 and it was an awful experience that no child should have to endure. Send your kids to a public school this building's administration does not have the right aim for instructing our youth

- submitted by a community member
December 01, 2011
My personal opinion about st. Joe's is that this school has some how engaged in some creative and questionable computation of test scores in order to be given a blue ribbon title in 2007. Their aggressive race for the blue ribbon title came about in response to another catholic school that opened up just a few miles from st. Joe's which consequently caused their enrollment to decline. When that other school opened their enrollment was just around 55 students and in the next few years that quickly rose to over 300. Their increase meant that st. Joe's had to up their anti and find a way to stand out. What better way than to get the blue ribbon title, and I will add at any means necessary. I have said all of this to paint a clear picture for you, should you choose to send your child to st. Joe's with it's blue ribbon title and all it's trappings that may convey in your decision making process so that you may think long and hard before making an investment in your child's education that would be by and large in the end perhaps much worse than if you had chosen a well established local public school. To be specific at grade 1 you are lucky if your child successfully passes reading.

- submitted by a parent
September 25, 2011
Everything's relative. This school is good if your child is "in the middle". However, the teachers simply cannot meet the needs of either end of the bell curve when there are 35 students in a classroom. I went to Catholic school all my life and wanted the same environment for my children. I guess the 70's are over! The school was very rigid and unyielding. My child's teachers was completely unwilling to engage in any meaningful discussions about whether my child was advanced academically. I would not recommend this school if your child is on either end of the spectrum. I also found many of the other parents to be very cliquish and at times unfriendly. I was hoping for a more open, friendly, caring educational environment. The principal is good but she must march to the orders of the Diocese of Arlington and I doubt is able to stretch beyond its rigid educational boundaries.

- submitted by a parent
August 01, 2011
My child just completed his first year at St.Joe's and we are so impressed with the school. The Principal is phenomenal and our child has increased confidence in himself and his faith has grown stronger.We want our children to have a faith based education, where the word Jesus was not forbidden and we are so happy since we transferred from the local public school system. Sending our child to St. Joe's has been the best decision we have made as parents. Thanks to all the faculty who do such a great job!

- submitted by a parent
March 30, 2011
When I heard there was a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in the Herndon area, I was ecstatic. Less than 300 schools in the nation are bestowed with this prestigious award and I had wondered if I would every find one close enough for my son to attend. My son went to private school from kindergarten until 4th grade. I figured why am I spending all this money when the public school in Loudoun were being herald by the media as "some of the best schools in the country". After two years at Horizon Elementary I was beyond frustrated in terms of teacher quality and the extremely low academic expectations. Every week my son would come home with straight A's. Why is that a problem, you may ask. The problem is that his A's were based on things that he had already mastered 3 years before... he never had to study, he was constantly placed in classes well below his level and it is my belief that they do this to skew their results so they can claim a higher than average test results. Anyway back to Saint Joseph's School... At St. Joseph s, I feel like I m home for the first time in years. The program is phenomenal!

- submitted by a parent
February 07, 2011
I will not recommend this school. I transferred my child from another private school where teaching was much more advanced. All his test scores were extremely high (almost always 100%) and yet his teacher omplained that he could not cope with their fast paced envrionment (could not cut, color as fast as the other kids,etc.). The teacher agreed with me that academically he was excelling and also was finding a hard time why she was expressing her concern. When I spoke to my child his explanation was he wanted to do quality work. That's when it dawned on me that "quality work" was not valued at St. Joe's as much as "quantity". I should have known better when I was questioning why their student teacher ratio was so much higher than public school -- 1 is to 35 students as opposed to 1 is to 26.

- submitted by a parent
May 06, 2010
My oldest child attended this school from 2nd through 8th grade. My younger children attended here several years before we moved. We all miss St. Joseph School. The school is awesome, the faculty is great and the parents are very involved. It is a Blue Ribbon school and I feel it is better than the Blue Ribbon school my younger children attend now. Mrs. Cargill is a loving & caring principal who has devoted her life to making St. Joseph's the best it can be. We love St. Joseph's!

- submitted by a parent
March 01, 2010
St. Joseph's is both terrible and helpful respectively. Honestly, i would say that the teachers and cirriculum are amazing with english subjects in general. However, in math and science they are extremely lacking. I attend a public high school and am detrimentally behind in my math and science classes, especially in comparison with my peers. The worst part about St. Joseph's is that it doesn't allow you to express yourself whatsoever. The staff is so busy forcefeeding you Catholicism and teaching you to conform, that you don't develop your own personality. In addition, the cliques are terrible. Not only are the strict cliques present among the students, but also within the parents. I now attend a school where i am free to shape my own values and morals, and ultimately, who i am and who i will be. I'm so grateful that i can be who i amr

- submitted by a community member
August 25, 2009
My son is currently attending St. Joe's and I think that the teachers are not that friendly, if your child is 'slow' they will let you know and you have to do something about it. They dont have any patience with my son, they treat him very bad. My son's experience was very horrible that he doesnt like school anymore. The teachers doesnt care at all. The class is very large from 30-35 students.

- submitted by a parent
August 13, 2009
I personally disagree with all these comments. I used to send my two children there. After having many difficulties with both of there teachers i decided to pull them out. It has been only one year and I have been completely content with public school. My kids and I absolutely love the teaching quality of public school. Connection between teacher and student is very important and St. Joe's is lacking it.

- submitted by a parent
April 05, 2009
My children have attended St. Joseph School for many years. The principal, Mrs. Joan Cargill is outstanding and emulates Jesus, the Master Teacher. The faculty and staff are very dedicated. When first looking at the school I was concerned about the class size, but my fears were quickly put to rest. The teachers and the students have a mutual respect for one another so it is never an issue. My children are receiving an exceptional education. St. Joseph School received the Blue Ribbon of Excellence in 2007. My children are happy, confident, and faith-filled individuals because of St. Joseph School.

- submitted by a parent
October 05, 2008
All three of my children are currently enrolled at St. Joseph School and are learning academic skills as well as social skills. The teachers are on the ball and my children love them. Compared to the public school children, my children read better and are more well-rounded in their knowledge of the world. More importantly, my children are kind and charitable while the neighborhood children seem to lack empathy for others. I would never consider sending my children anywhere else.

- submitted by a parent
October 04, 2008
Fantastic school. Teachers are incredibly dedicated and majority are positive and friendly. Teachers, principal and priests are positive role models. Facilities are amazing. My three kids have gotten a sound academic foundation, a strong moral, catholic understanding of our faith; as well as lasting friendship experiences , Parental involvement is high which promotes a unique, supportive family environment. Other reviews sound like sour grapes.

- submitted by a parent
October 01, 2008
St. Joseph School has been a wonderful experience for my four children and my family. St. Joseph's successfully prepared my older children for competitive private high schools and colleges. More importantly, St. Joseph's taught my children that a successful life is defined by loving God and serving the needs of others. andlovingneedsGootheotheothers.

- submitted by a parent
April 16, 2008
I have two daughter's (8 & 12) that are attending St. Joseph, this is there thrid year and they love it. Your child will learn alot & have more than enough work to do. What they will learn at St. Joseph with the support you as a parent you will give them, High School will come easy.

- submitted by a parent
February 21, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
January 31, 2008
My 3 children attended SJS for all 9 years. It is a wonderful nurturing and safe environment. We especially loved having them there thru the middle school years. They all attended great private high schools and were extremely well prepared for all of their classes.

- submitted by a parent
January 22, 2008
I have had my children enrolled at St. Joe's for a number of years with the intent of getting a well rounded but Christian based education. I have been disappointed in all aspects, but particularly on the part of parents. The cliques start at the parent level and roll straight to the children. If you are not a part of the 'clique' then your child suffers. The class sizes are too large - 30 to 35 students per class with an aid shared between two classes. Math and sciences are lacking in comparison to the public school system. I would think twice before choosing this school.

- submitted by a parent
January 03, 2008
The school is loving though some teachers are very unfriendly and show disrespect to students. Academically it needs to get better. Writing, vocab., math and science are lacking in all grades. Some other local Catholic schools (k-8) ofer so much more as well as public schools. My kids are behind many of their pears who attend regular public school or some other catholic schools. Discipline is strong but not always even across the board. The priest are fantastic though I wish they would visit more with students. They do have an impression and I think that is needed if kids today will enter the priesthood. They need examples. My kids enjoy their friends, parent involovement very strong. Myself and many others in the school feel academics need improvement.

- submitted by a parent
October 02, 2007
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a parent
September 21, 2007
School is perfect but the teachers are not friendly! Not recommended for Kindergaden, especially kids without preschool experiences.

- submitted by a parent
August 26, 2006
I enrolled my three children in St. Joseph School last year. What a wonderful, spirit-filled school! It has it all, but most importantly, it has love and God. The teachers have all been there forever and it is a very close community. I can't say enough about how welcome the school made all of us feel. Parental involvement is high and the academic program is also excellent. If I was able to improve on anything, it would be a more diverse athletic program and the carpool system at the end of the day needs a major overhaul! What a blessed school! I thank God everyday!

- submitted by a parent
May 19, 2006
I enrolled both my daughter's in St Joseph for the first time last year. From day one I felt like part of a large family. They have an excellent staff, and the principle Mrs Cargil is the best. It reminds me of what school was like when I was a child. They offer many extracurricular activities: chess club,choir,basketball ect. They have many functions to keep parents involved with their children and the parish. There is the weekly newsletter that keeps you up to date on any functions going on with the school and the student. I would highly recommend St. Joseph's to anyone.

- submitted by a parent

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(703) 880-4315
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