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Newport News, VA
Students enrolled: 634

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17346 Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23603

(757) 888-3320
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November 18, 2015
Lee Hall is a great school, with wonderful, dedicated, teachers who care about the students. Administrators are always willing to help with any problem. Any child would benefit from going to this school.

- submitted by a parent
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June 29, 2015
I was extremely skeptical about sending my son to Lee Hall. I am a very protective mom and the thought of sending my son to school period was overwhelming. After reading the reviews I had a contingency plan in place in case the reviews were true. THE REVIEWS WERE NOT TRUE! Lee Hall Elementary is a wonderful school! The teachers and staff are incredible and truly care about the children. My son has excelled at Lee Hall. We are a military family and know that our time will be short here. I know that Lee Hall will always hold a special place in our hearts!

- submitted by a community member

January 26, 2015
My family moved because of how awful this school was with my son and I have two more children who were approaching school age and was not going to allow them to step foot in this school. My son was picked on constantly. One day he went to the nurse and vice principals office and I never received a phone call. I contacted Wavy 10 about several issues. When we moved he was behind in his education. It took 6 months to get him up to the reading level he was supposed to be at. I tried to like the school and participate in school functions. I was always appalled at the events. There were carnivals and kids along with parents were so rude and pushy- cutting in lines, taking things without paying. Clearly the apple does not fall far from the tree. I once witnessed a man drive through the play area near the parking lot. The teacher outside acted like she did not see him speed and drive recklessly. I approached him and politely said that he should not have done that. He called me a "B****" and told me to call the cops. Nothing but problems. I could list several other flaws but even typing this I get sick to my stomach thinking about how terrible this school was for my son.

- submitted by a parent

December 10, 2014
We LOVE Lee Hall! Our children are attending their third year here. The staff is amazing! Just walking the halls show how much they care. There are many new staff members that add to the already great atmosphere. The resource team goes beyond the normal "teaching" to allow our children to express themselves! Wether it is in the library where they are free to choose their own interests or music where they get to express themselves through singing and performing. The principal has an open door at all time to stop in and discuss your child and their experiences. We love every aspect of this school! Thank you Lee Hall for being so AWESOME!!!

- submitted by a parent

February 22, 2014
My two children his have been going here for two years now and they love it! Their teachers have been awesome and the PTA staff is great. The new principle has been great and is very personable. I think it's great that parents can come and eat with their kids at lunch.

- submitted by a parent

February 15, 2014
I LOVE this school! My kids have been at Lee Hall for a year and a half! The office staff is very helpful and super nice! The teachers are amazing! They are very approachable and willing to help! I LOVE Lee Hall!!!

- submitted by a parent

November 22, 2013
My son attended kindergarten for 9 months in this school. The Special Ed. Lead teacher ignored my emails for a child study for 6 weeks. They are legally supposed to do it with in 60 days of the first request. The 504 Lead of the school district told the teacher that she did not have to follow it every day. My daughter attended kindergarten for a month. While visiting her at lunch I saw teachers holding the children's heads and holding forks up to their mouths and yelling,"Eat it! Or I will call your father!" I posed this to the Assistant Principal once via email and followed up with a phone call a week later because she did not respond. They make the children do "laps" around the playground to discipline them hours after they broke a rule. They also bully the students by writing their names on the board and use tally marks to keep track of their offences. They also yell at their 1st graders to "can their attitudes" and justify the means of correcting behavior as "assertive discipline". I have emailed the Superintendent in regards to this issue and military liaisons have taken the sides of the school employees.

- submitted by a parent

September 17, 2013
This will be my daughter's fourth year attending Magruder. Prior to us moving here, I did reseach on schools in the surrounding areas and then visited a few during different hours of the day to get a feel for them vice just reading about them and the scores but Magruder stood out by far the Best! The staff at the front desk is very friendly and always willing to help. I love the sense of security because no one can just walk in the school. The teachers she's had thus far showed super interest in my child's learing. And the PTA is awesome.

- submitted by a parent

April 26, 2013
Everything that has been said below about this school is true and then some. By no means would I send my child to attend school here. BE AWARE. My child has been threatened by a teacher , constant bullying , and craziness going on in the class room. Most of all when Newport News tells you oh this is a great school for kids with sped needs they could not be more wrong. My child has high functioning autism and the autism specialist did not even know he was there and was upset and found that was not supposed to be the case. Do yourself a favor don't send your children to this school. What Principal they have had three different ones that I know of. They cannot keep one.

- submitted by a parent

October 23, 2012
My daughter is is 2nd grade and this is her 2nd year here. My son is in Kindergarten as well here at LHES. I have to say the majority of the staff is up to par. I have MAJOR issues with the students here. They run over the teachers and are incredibly harsh. The way they speak to the teacher and other students is completely unacceptable! My Daughter has picked up so many HORRIBLE habits from fellow students who are allowed to curse at the teachers and other kids in class. NOT to mention the physical fighting! And the administration has to keep these kids in my kids class where they are punished for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The school would be an enjoyable place if parents taught there kids how to behave correctly. Or maybe punish them once in a while. I am currently looking into other school alternatives for my kids. This is just not the environment I want my kids nuturing from. The teachers are out numbered and mis treated with no way to fix it. Kids bully others and aren't reprimanded for there choices. There is no consequences for actions!

- submitted by a parent

February 24, 2012
For the most part, the teachers at Lee Hall definitely are dedicated to their students. Yes, we have had some bad apples while attending there, one of which was a nightmare! However I feel you will find a few bad teachers in almost any public school. The office staff, school counselors, and nurse are top notch and truly wonderful, friendly, professional people. The administration however I cannot say much if anything good about. She plays favorites among the children and parents. She speaks ill of her staff and treats them poorly. In the few years she has been at the school we have watched many good teachers leave. I think if they would replace her, things would definitely improve. As for the assistant principals we have had in the last 2 years they have been top notch.

- submitted by a parent

January 03, 2012
An observation: Parents giving Lee Hall a bad rating can't write a sentence without grammar and/or spelling errors. A few posts down someone said parents can't expect the school system to completely educate and raise your child. I couldn t agree more. My family has had a great experience with LHES. Based on personal interaction, the teachers, front office staff, and the nurse have been wonderful to me and my family. Anything lacking at LHES can be traced back to parents with unrealistic expectations of the school system. Some of these kids should be sent to boot camp. They won't learn anything in school until they learn how to act, and their disruptive behavior detracts from the education of the other children. With that being said, this very same issue exists in virtually every school, particularly elementary schools. We ve not come across too many troublemakers in our time here. We ve had our bumps along the road, but it s elementary school and it s silly to think those bumps wouldn t have happened in any other school.

- submitted by a parent

July 24, 2011
My son went here for two years. He fails to learn necessary skills and/or retain them. The teachers at Lee Hall are unprofessional and do not care about their students. He would probably be in remedial classes if he went to a private school or a more "privaledged" one. We had to "re-study" fourth grade lessons that he is supposed to know. A trip to Barnes&Noble was needed. He would be better off working in workbooks than sit through the classes at Lee Hall and not learn anything, so we purchased workbooks. This school is a waste of taxes and should be re-evaluated. He will be in the 5th grade this upcoming Fall. Let us pray that they find better teachers and a better plan for our children and their education.

- submitted by a parent

July 02, 2011
My daughter attended Lee Hall for one year...5th grade. She had attended previous school was also in NN News and struggle with her school work and behavior. I have to say her experience at LHES was her best school year ever. Her teacher was very strict but my daughter said she was fair. And also gave lots of encouragement and helped her learn. She stayed after-school to help not just my daughter but other kids too. She always communicated with me and answered all of my questions. My daughter went from C/D student to being a B/C student. The teacher respected my decision not to put my daughter on medication even though she had extreme ADHD. She had a lot of patience and went above and beyond to help my daughter be accepted by her peers. The teacher posted all of her homework assignments online so I never had any questions. My daughter excelled at Lee Hall because of the wonderful teacher she had. If you have a child going to the 5th grade, you wont go wrong.

- submitted by a parent

March 01, 2011
My son attended school in Lee Hall for a year and a half. The teacher he had in 2nd grade was awful. She would not communicate with me nor would the principal. I sent several e-mails and notes to the staff with no feedback. There saying is " No child left behind" well.. mine was. He was failing and no one let me know till half the school year was over. He excelled in his other schools and was picked to be in the "magnet" program, only to be wait listed. The school was horrible, and his teacher was very unprofessional. There was ALOT of bullying and so many unruly children. I hope they get their act together because since we moved (on purpose to get my child out of that school) my son has brought his grades up to "A's" and his attitude has completely changed. I DO NOT recommend this school to anyone!

- submitted by a parent

January 21, 2011
My son went to Lee Hall from K -5. The teachers were fabulous and my son excelled. Mr. Bradshaw the kindergarten teacher is the best I have ever seen.

- submitted by a parent

May 03, 2010
My daughter is in 3rd grade TAG and this has been the worst year ever. There is a lack of communication with parents. Teachers and principal do not return phone calls or e-mails. They do not care about NNPS nutrition policy. Candy and soda are given to the students. Look forward to a different school next year.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 28, 2010
My student is in TAG 5 th grade and I feel her teacher does not grade her correctly. I feel her teacher has her favorite students.

- submitted by a community member
no rating
February 24, 2010
Quality of academic programs, school focus more on children passing SOL than learning worst experience for me and my family ever! Some teacher were extremely unprofessional we have since change to another school in the district where both my children have excelled.

- submitted by a parent

May 15, 2009
We have a lot of fun at Lee Hall Elementary School! Teachers here are focused not only on providing quality instruction to meet the Standards of Learning, but also to enrich our students in other ways. We have various clubs that meet before or during school, including: Odyssey of the Mind, Chess Club, Cups, Chorus, Art Enrichment, Tech Club, and Book Clubs. Teachers here regularly use technology such as SmartBoards and interactive clickers, and engage students in lessons on creating movies, websites, PowerPoints, and much more! I love teaching at Lee Hall Elementary.

- submitted by a teacher

May 08, 2009
my student is doing exellent in lee hall elementry. this is the best school my child has ever been in. i see no violent and this school should be in buissnes for a very long time!

- submitted by a parent
no rating
July 17, 2008
My experience at this school has been tremendously encouraging. We moved to the area a year ago and the teacher and staff have been great. My child's teacher and I are constantly in dialogue about my child's performance. While I am aware that there are issues of violence I constantly reinforce to my child what is acceptable behavior. I would defintely recommend the school.

- submitted by a parent

July 09, 2008
I do not recommend this school to any parent. Not because of the teachers, but because of the children who attend it. There is little or no parental involvement with education. There are many incidences of violence and foul language. There are many troublemakers at this school. If my daughter would not have been accepted into the magnet program, I would have moved only to put her into a betterr school. She loved scholol until we came here. I feel sorry for the staff. They are so busy tending to troublemakers, they can't tend to the students that are behaving. I hope for everyones sake, that these parents step up and start being more involved with their children. It is a very sad situation.

- submitted by a parent

July 05, 2008
The truth is that this school has many issues to deal with due to the children who attend. It is located in a lower socio-economic area and the students bring their problems to school. Most of the parents depend on the school alone to educate the children and to instill values with no support from home. I think the leadership is strong and the teachers are very hard working. I have never had a bad experience with the teachers and commend them on their efforts. Parents have to be realistic and stop blaming teachers and administration. These people don't go into education for the money-they really strive to make a difference-unlike most of society. Don't let the low rating misguide you about this school. The faculty is great and the test scores are pretty darn good considering the support receieved from home.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
February 07, 2008
We also moved to the area about 2 years ago and my experience was completely different from the last parent. My two kids have receive a great education, personalize attention, their grades have improve dramatically and they love their teachers and friends. We receive constant communication and feedback from our kids teachers and we are very please with our kids improvements and testing results.

- submitted by a parent

November 25, 2005
I can agree with this parent. I have first hand account that this does happen where kids get beaten up and teachers are not focused on teaching rather they focus on the troublemakers. This school is low on all levels of testing scores and no parent involvement really shows. The school needs to work a lot on cleaning itself up.

- submitted by a parent

September 08, 2005
We moved to this area about 2 years ago and during that time, my son has been picked on, threatened, and been made to feel inferior by the other students in his classes. The children are evidently a product of their up-bringing and I must say, the parents are lacking in social skills. My husband and I have decided to move based solely on the fact I do not want my son to attend this school any longer.

- submitted by a parent
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Lee Hall Elementary School
17346 Warwick Blvd, Newport News, VA  23603
(757) 888-3320
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