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Trying to send my child to an out of district school. Help!


nparent6001 July 21, 2011

My daughter is starting kindergarten this year. We have been between charlottesville and Richmond for over a year now and have decided to settle in Richmond where my husband purchased a nice home that is in a terrible school district. We are on the waiting list for Mary Mumford and William Fox Elementary but I have been told by the Pupil Personnel Office that we might not hear back until the beginning of the school year if we even get in at all!

If we don't get in I'm assuming that my only other option is private school, which will seriously alter our finances. I'm also afraid that we will find out too late in the summer to be prepared for any of this. Is there any possiblity of sending our child to another public school that is outside of our district?

Thanks so much for your help!

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elizasjk September 6, 2011

Another option is Patrick Henry Elementary School (it is a new charter school) if you are unhappy in your current situation. They are a great school in the Woodland Heights neighborhood.
They are actually having a special lottery tonight (09/04/11) to fill a few Kindergarten spots left.

Good luck!


sfc346 November 15, 2011

This is probably too late to answer your question but for next year Tuckahoe Elementary school is absolutely fantastic! My children have gone to this school since Kindergarden and think its the best school out there. It has wonderful teachers and provides a great education. My children have also made many great friends there. I would highly recommend it.


rgrant December 1, 2011

J.B. Fisher is also a great elementary school that RPS has to offer. If the schools in your zone within the city have not met SOL accredidation standards it could be an option.

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