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Looking to relocate


tdivan January 1, 2012

I am relocating from IL looking for a good public high school. Prefer in a smaller community any suggestions?

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MagnetMom January 30, 2012

Hi tdivan,

Start here:

You'll be able to determine the school's size, along with the rating, and read plenty of parent reviews.

If you already have a job where you're going, try talking to the HR department and see if they can pair you up with anyone from the office that has children your kids' ages and talk to them. You'll learn plenty about the schools and commute times from those communities.

And don't discount talking to a local real estate person. They make it their jobs to know the communities people seek. So if you want a small community with a phenomenal school system, it's another source of information.

Good luck with your move!


sclayboss May 2, 2012

Remember they have academies at the schools. I prefer First Colonial or Kellam, stay away from Bayside and Landstown. The rest I can not speak for.

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