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Looking for a good Elementary school in DC/ Northern VA


koko33 January 20, 2011

Hi. I am a single mom with a 7 year old daughter. I am currently working in Paris, France due to my job but will be relocating with my job to Washington DC this summer. I have spent what seems to be endless hours researching schools in the DC/NOVA area and my head is spinning with trying to figure out the best school for my daughter. She will need to have a special needs program since she has a lot of trouble in reading/writing/spelling and is currently in a assisted learning program at her school in Paris.

Does anyone have any suggestions on a Really Good elementary school in either DC or NOVA? That has a strong special needs program?

There are 2 schools in DC that I am interested in (Key and Hyde-Addison) but I don't know for sure?

In NOVA I thought Arlington Science Focus; McKinley; Ashlawn; Taylor seemed like good schools?

But I don't know how strong the special needs programs are?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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MamaGump January 25, 2011

All Fairfax County Schools will be good for your daughter. It is a large school district and have fabulous resources. My children have attended three different elementary schools in the district, and the only difference is the "environment", but the facilities, resources, quality teaching, etc is excellent.
We live in Oak Hill, VA area and my kids attend Oak HIll Elementary, Franklin Middle School and Chantilly H.S. They are all super performing schools, but we may be a little bit of a commute for you if you're working in DC as a single parent.


ladonna8 April 18, 2011

Elsie Whitlow Stokes has a dual language immersion program and a strong Special Ed coordinator with learning specialists assigned to each grade level. They also have two full-time teacher in each class. The languages taught there are French and Spanish.


koko33 May 9, 2011

I don't know about putting my daughter in a language immersion school. She has learned "some' French at her school in Paris but by no means is at a conversational level. She has some special Needs so I would be concerned that a language immersion school might be too overwhelming for her.

Do you have any other suggestions for elementary schools in Washington DC?


slurpie11 May 21, 2011

Hi Koko33,
Try researching Campbell Elementary in Arlington. They have an inclusive environment with a great community feel.


kskitts February 22, 2012

Hi, do some research on LearningRx. There are a couple in Northern Va. They will actually fix your daughter's trouble with reading/writing/spelling by doing exercises for the brain. I don't work for them, but I've done some reading, and they have terrific results with a broad spectrum of kids. Your opportunities open up quite a bit for schools then. Good luck!


shadricks February 26, 2012

I would like to suggest to you that you highly consider moving to Arlington, VA. They have the best schools and resources for not only your daughter, but you as well.

I live in the District and unless you make $20,000 for a two-person household, then you will be forced to pay for everything, no tuition assistance or anything. You are punished for being a go-getter in this city. I am a single parent as well, but I send my daughter to a private school in VA. I can't afford to send my daughter to one of the better schools in the district because I can't afford it and I don't qualify for assistance because I make too much.

Please consider one of the private schools in Arlington or Alexandria. Unless you can afford to pay $30,000 a year for tuition, consider Arlington.


Shirl in Dc

I moved here with my daughter


mpolatn April 16, 2012

Hello koko33

I think we have a same issue. We will be moving in Washington DC after 4 months for 3 years and I have a six years old doughter. She doesn't know english. We will probably live in Mc Lean area. I have been searching for almost 4 months to enroll my little girl to the elementary school that provide a good quality curriculum for those kids that are not able speak,read.. in english. I have finally decided on 2 elementary schools rated 10/10 and 10/9 to send my doughter.

1-) Spring Hill elementary school 10/ 9 and
2-) WestBriar elementary school 10/10.

When you search these schools in, You will see what an experience schools they are.

I hope those informations helped your researches.


billindc July 28, 2012

Tough choices koko33 and mpolatn! Have you considered St. Augustine School in Northwest DC? They go from PreK(3) through 8th Grade and have academic specialists to help children who are performing below grade level, as well as those performing above. Good luck with your decision!

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