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KBEASLEY00 June 26, 2012

Hello Great Parents, my son will be attending Elementary School in the near future; however, I am having a really hard time determining what school districts, not far from Washington DC, would offer him quality education - supplemental to that of home. I currently live/work in Washington DC. From the research thus far, I do not have plans to work outside of Washington, DC and I think I would like to live in the Northern VA areas. But I have to be mindful of the commute; especially, as a single parent and considering the traffic in the metropolitan area. I was thinking Arlington and Alexandria, VA. I WILL NOT be enrolling him in any D.C. school, sorry but I am familiar with the areas/distractions of the school system AND private school, during this economy, is not an option...HELP PLEASE!

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MagnetMom July 22, 2012


Start here:

Type in the zip code and you'll be shown schools in your area. You can compare the school ratings and read the parent reviews. It will make it easier for you to narrow down your search before you tour.

Good luck!

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