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8300 NE 12th St
Medina, WA 98039

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(425) 454-5880
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April 01, 2015
My son and daughter LOVE to go to school. They have been so happy at St. Thomas School. The teachers have made themselves available in the morning when my daughter needs extra help and they know the strengths and weaknesses of my children so well. They have been able to help my kids become strong writers. My son is a math wiz and they have been able to keep him challenged. Things they are doing with technology are so progressive. Plus, I love the community. Some people think everyone in Medina is a snob but the friendly atmosphere inside this school is unlike any I have ever experienced. It is truly a great school! I've seen some of the other comments and no school is perfect but this one is pretty awesome.

- submitted by a parent
March 13, 2015
In our experience, we found the administration weak and even defiant at times. The school counselor is unprofessional and divisive. The building is beautiful. There only seems to be joy in the early learning center. The ELC teachers are the shining hope for the school. They are the only private school that always seems to have space available. We left the school and while we loved the community, it was a great move for us and many other families we have spoken to. If you're searching for a great school, keep looking.

- submitted by a parent
October 29, 2014
I fully agree with the comments by a parent posted on August 16, 2014. I decided to transfer my child to a different school for these reasons.

- submitted by a parent
August 16, 2014
Beautiful eco friendly building, but inside these walls is a lack of depth. Administration misrepresents the educational quality and teaching style within the school. This school is very similar to public school system and will not challenge your child, but leave them bored and wanting.

- submitted by a parent
June 09, 2014
The experiences that my children had at STS are/were amazing. The teachers and administrators are human beings and sometimes make mistakes, but I've found them willing to listen. Not that they all agree with me and change things to suit me (which can be frustrating, but that's life - they aren't here to mold the school into my image). My child moved schools this year to a new middle school and told me last week that this was a repeat year because she learned everything last year at STS. When my other child switched middle schools, he didn't test into a higher math class but upon further reflection with the counselor and math teacher it was determined that he needed to go into the higher math class or it would be a repeat. One of my children says that writing high school essays is easy because of the instruction he got clear back in 4th Grade at STS and says that other students agonize over the writing assignments. I have another child that gets enrichment for math at STS because they are a 'gifted' math student. I bet some parents decided together to show support for a school they love by writing reviews. Awesome!

- submitted by a parent
June 08, 2014
These reviews are padded and extremely fictional. Note that thirteen were written within ten days of each other. The kids here are extremely kind, but the administration are deceptive in every single way. They will sell the school and never deliver on the empty promises. I would give the principal a zero if this form allowed. Ask about the attrition rate. I've removed my three kids. And I know many parents who have done the same. The academics are average at best with no offerings for advanced students.

- submitted by a parent
February 05, 2014
St. Thomas School has done a great job of providing my children with a strong academic foundation. What I like most is the way they have taught my children to think critically about many types of things. They really know how to approach challenges that are academic, social, and personal. They are not afraid to speak up and advocate for themselves. It is amazing to watch them grow in this environment.

- submitted by a parent
January 22, 2014
If you are looking to spend a lot of money on a school that is not much better than public schools this school is for you. The administration and leadership is lacking on many different levels. The way they go about and handling different situations is unimaginable. The character of the community is substandard not only in the administration but the parents as well. Many are there for social reasons not their children's education.

- submitted by a parent
December 22, 2013
I love the parent involvement, the dedicated teachers, and the early focus on leadership skills.

- submitted by a parent
December 19, 2013
My child started at St. Thomas School in the 2 day preschool program and is now in second grade. Our experience has exceeded our expectations in all ways. My child has had wonderful and academically challenging teachers every year. The specialist programs are also amazing. She is a confident public speaker and had learned to work in groups with great ease. Every person at the school takes the time to know who my child is and makes her feel welcome each time she walks into the building. St. Thomas School is a true community and we feel very lucky to be a part of it.

- submitted by a parent
December 17, 2013
I have 3 children at St Thomas School and I am so happy with every aspect of the school. The values that are instilled in the children are first rate. The focus on building confidence and public speaking is a critical skill in today's environment and the school does this incredibly well. Finally the community at STS is second to none. My spouse and I have made life long friends and no matter what age/year your child enters the school, the parent community is incredibly warm and welcoming.

- submitted by a parent
December 16, 2013
I am a parent who has had 2 children go through this school. The schools we were at before coming here were definitely challenging in having a low bar. Moving to this school was a delight. This school has high academic expectations, but children feel beloved by their teachers.It is a warm, close community. The staff and teachers put an extraordinary amount of time into working with children and parents. Many of the issues with bullying, peer pressure, and social cruelty, seen as normal rites of passage elsewhere, do not occur here. Sure, children are children and have normal challenges and conflicts; however, the school's social problem-solving approach allows student to develop a voice in handling their own conflicts. The Middle School years allow students lot of voice in their community. They help run Chapel, lead Chapel lessons, and choose service learning projects. The focus on leadership is not just a generic goal, they do live and breathe it all here. The parent community is simply amazing; parents are here day in day out. They help in classrooms, putting the stunning artwork up on the walls, serving on many committees, creating a rich rhythm to the school year.

- submitted by a parent
December 12, 2013
I am an alum of St Thomas and am now a freshman in high school. I spent 9 years of my childhood at St. Thomas and it could not have been a more nurturing and supportive environment. The teachers care deeply about each of their students. I felt as though I was in a safe space, which made learning much easier. I was very well prepared for both middle school and high school when I transitioned to a different private school.

- submitted by a community member
December 11, 2013
Our children have been attending STS since preschool. We are now currently in our 7th year and will remain through middle school. Not only is STS an academically rigorous program, but it truly educates the whole child. From Chapel (although not religiously based) to character education to community service learning to public speaking, our children are not only learning academic fundamentals, but also what it means to be a global citizen in this ever-changing world. We were so happy when STS chose to expand its middle school through 8th grade. We have looked at other programs, and although "new," the STS curriculum ranks right up there with the best. Throughout the school and at every level, the faculty and staff care deeply about students - not only in what they are learning but also who they are as young people. The parent community is beyond stellar. There is a lot of parent involvement and the "it takes a village" mantra is alive and well at STS. It would be hard NOT to be engaged here. We are so excited that our children will graduate from STS, and we feel so fortunate to forever be part of this amazing community.

- submitted by a parent
December 11, 2013
I believe in the mission, vision, and guiding principles of STS. Much like every other organization, STS has its share of problems, however, faculty and staff work together to solve problems that arise and create a cohesive team geared towards providing the best educational experience for our students and best working environment for everyone. It was not easy going in, but now I can honestly say, "I LOVE IT HERE!"

- submitted by a teacher
December 11, 2013
St Thomas has been a wonderful experience. Our kids have been at the school for nearly five years and have enjoyed amazing teachers and a great community of families. The campus is extraordinary and the programs have helped develop leadership skills and good values along with academic excellence. The class size are small and the instruction / teaching is great. The school can do more to cater to all learning styles but it has shown a willingness to adapt to needs of the families when appropriate. The parents are very involved and it makes for a great community of families. Yes, the school has done fund raising (like all schools) and I am appreciative of the new programs, financial aid and the wonderful campus that have come as a result.

- submitted by a parent
December 11, 2013
St. Thomas School is truly an exceptional school and community. After nearly 15 years at the school, we feel so lucky to have had two of our children already graduate (now high school) and one currently still enrolled at STS. As a parent, I've always had peace of mind knowing that my kids were in a nurturing environment that focused on educating the "Whole Child". I see the value of the incredible education they received even more in hindsight with my two older kids. Not only were they taught to strive for academic excellence and intellectual courage, they learned what it means to be a kind, respectful person filled with integrity. They were academically prepared for their next step in school and know how to advocate for themselves. Given how long we have been at the school, we have certainly seen many changes and growth at the school, but we feel the school has continued to raise the bar, only getting better and better. STS has always held on to the mission, core values and special traditions that make us love it so much. Thank you to all of the teachers and staff who make it such a wonderful place!

- submitted by a parent
December 10, 2013
St. Thomas is one of the top schools in not only the US but the world, seriously. The current head of school spent a decade in Brazil. The teachers know how to bring out the best in each kid (we have two and have been at the school almost 10 years). The academics are top notch and the children start each day in chapel (multi-faith) learning how to be polite. The school partners with parents in a healthy way. The school went through tremendous change a few years ago by doubling sections, increasing financial aid and diversity. The physical building was one of the first LEED Gold education buildings in the country. Although we lived through them, today, the growing pains are over. As a result the school is one of 33 schools in the world identified as an Innovatve Showcase School and, thus, receives international delegations from such countries as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and New Zealand. Last year students were taught science by an astronaut and the developer of the Mars Rover. After raising money for an animal refuge in Costa Rica, the kids were thanked via Skype from the refuge during school. St. Thomas School is truly a remarkable, world-class institution. 5 stars are not enough!

- submitted by a parent
December 05, 2013
My son has been attending St. Thomas School for 4 years and he absolutely loves his school! His teachers have been wonderful, the faculty consistently goes above and beyond to provide support. My son continues to develop into a strong, smart and independent leader. He is excelling academically here and we see the impact of this in all areas of life. The teachers challenge my son to deliver his best in every way possible. My family and I love this school and we're happy we chose St. Thomas. The St. Thomas Community has become like family to us!

- submitted by a parent
November 25, 2013
St. Thomas School prepared me for high school in many ways. As a freshman I'm taking Algebra 2 and Chemistry with sophomores and juniors. The teachers were all very smart and helpful. I learned lots of leadership skills that I still use today. The fact I got to go to Washington DC and Rome with my class was awesome. My years at St Thomas (preschool - 6th) were very rewarding... and fun! :)

- submitted by a community member
October 23, 2013
I would NEVER recommend this school. If you read all the one star reviews below, I could not summarize better. Leadership at this school is only focused on fundraising and NOT on education. We pulled our children out and could not be happier.

- submitted by a parent
October 17, 2013
Decided to move all of our kids out of the school after several years because of high teacher turnover, lack of clarity of type and quality of education. Many holes in their education as we found out after our kids left and started a different private school. In our time only a couple of the experienced St thomas teachers were trained to work with high achieving eager learners. The newer teachers that replaced the experienced teachers were less trained and competent in managing classrooms and did not have capacity to handle different children's styles of learning. If you're a person of influence their kids will always end up with the good teachers. The emphasis on social status, money, prestige was distasteful. The difference and disparity in the way parents and kids were treated appalling. They emphasize community yet some people including those on the board focus on climbing up the social ladder and not the overall community or children. It was sad to see children get lost and swept to the side if they didn't fit socially into this box as also did parents. So glad we're in a school now that honors children, love of learning, hi quality teachers, building lifetime good character.

- submitted by a parent
November 25, 2012
We are a current St. Thomas family and have been for a few years. I am searching on this website for a new school for my children, as I am disatisified with the adiministration. The reviews below validate everything I have been questioning. St. Thomas is a tough environment for both students and parents. Your value as a parent is determined by your the size of your bank account. The school is very cliquely for parents and there is a means girls mentality, which prevents people from volunteering....Academically they are strong but if your child is deemed to have "special needs" the school takes the path of least resistance and manages you out. This has happened to numerous families in the last year. People may have the desire to get in simply based upon the prestige, but I say be careful for what you wish for as there are other schools out there with strong academics at a fraction of the cost.

- submitted by a parent
June 20, 2012
Damaging, They single kids out, shame them, don't listen to the specialists, and were actually damaging to my child's sense of self. Talk to the parents that leave the school. The old adage, you can't judge a book by its cover is true. We are a fan of private small schools, experienced them for ourselves too. I am still active in my school's alumni leadership board in an affluent community, thus I am familiar with the many nuances at schools like this. However, the leadership at the school and math teacher are beyond disappointing. The school's many attributes sound good at a glance but look deeper and talk to families that leave. The common refrains are: they didn't listen to us, they didn't give our child the courtesy and apply our concerns to the situation, and they are very clicky. This is sad for some of the lovely teachers there but this school truly was detrimental in some significant ways. The good things are wiped away by some of the egregious things done by a teacher and made worse by the leadership's judgement in reinforcing the bad behavior of such teacher. Other teachers and experts were not in agreement with the egregious behavior.

- submitted by a parent
January 11, 2012
We feel so blessed that we found STS four years ago. Every year (mainly in January) we reevaluate our children to make sure this is the school for them and we honestly have not been able to find another school in a 20 mile radius on the eastside that would be better than STS! Thank you STS and your amazing community for all that you do for our kids!

- submitted by a parent
December 03, 2011
Disappointed! We had high hopes . There are many fantastic teachers, good green school and some wonderful families, but the ineffectiveness that some parents experience when trying to commnicate concerns or/and the school's inability to take responsibility for mistakes is a flaw to be considered.

- submitted by a parent
May 16, 2011
Wonderful school with a great academic program. The school also strives to encourage polite and considerate social behavior, which reinforces values we try to teach our children. The school also has a great community feeling - parents are involved and friendly. I feel very comfortable entrusting my children to the school each day.

- submitted by a parent
March 03, 2011
We have a unique view of into the school as parents, and as staff. The leadership and commitment to continuous improvement is outstanding, we feel exceptionally fortunate to be part of the community and offer it's experience to our child.

- submitted by a parent
no rating July 08, 2008
Absolutely top notch in every way!

- submitted by a parent
April 02, 2008
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a community member

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St. Thomas School
8300 NE 12th St, Medina, WA  98039
(425) 454-5880
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