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XplantMom May 1, 2011

I'm moving across the country to Seattle and thinking of moving to Mercer Island, but I read such conflicting views on MIHS that I'm completely confused now. What's the deal? Did the school get a new principal for 2010-2011? Don't tell me about test scores, etc. - I can find those on my own. Parents' opinions count for me. How about it?

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mamayamyam June 13, 2011

As a graduate from MIHS, class of 1995, I can offer a bit of insight. The academics were top of the line. However, the social heirarchy of the school is very rigid as it is a very wealthy district. The majority of the students have been going to school together since kindergarten and it can be difficult for a new student. Also, they have virtually no minority students, so if you are a family of color as we are, it can be very challenging. I was bullied so much that I ended up taking Running Start classes at Bellevue comm College my junior and senior year. But, if you feel your child will be able to navigate these issues, the academics are stellar. I still use the 5 paragraph I learned my freshman year!

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