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Local Schools that can write IEP w/ Orton Gillingham Reading programs


livingjoy November 17, 2012

Are there any local public schools near Auburn WA that can teach dyslexic 8 yearold to read with one of the Orton Gillingham Based reading programs?

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eduMentoring March 4, 2013

Hello--Please, before you do anything else, check out

I taught Reading/English/Language Arts for 30 years, and it is the ONLY program that works...even with dyslexic children. Dee Tadlock, PhD, is founder of the program, headquartered in Shelton, WA. They have an online program. Please check it out. It will work for your 8 year old. I have worked with the program for 10 years; it is like watching miracles happen.
Feel free to call me for more info.
Janet 970-417-4961

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