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First steps and early activities in looking for a school - Help from the community required


lagonz February 3, 2013

Hello. I am in the process to relocate to the East side. My wife and I have been reading the valuable material in and find it very useful.

I wanted to ask for some guidance & assistance from the community in early steps we should made in the next 2-3 months in order to get our daughter (6 yr. old) In the school. Thanks in advance for ideas and tips on the questions below.

1- We still don't know where we will leave, and found that we will have to send our daughter to the school depending on where we live. However, there is also an "open enrollment" process happening during February. Is it possible to apply there even if we still don't have a defined place to live?

2- We are natural Spanish speakers, and even when my daughter goes to a bilingual school, her English is limited. Should I enroll her in the ELL irrespective or where we would live, should I enroll her in more than one school district, or do I have time to do that once moved? Our moving date is expected to happen around may/june 2013. is great when looking for houses to buy close to the schools, but we will rent. Any recommendation to find houses for rent tied to school location? For my family, choosing the right schools is the most important item in this stage, so will appreciate any advice. We found a little difficult to choose a place to live and then look for a school -b/c we would be assigned one depending on our home address- so would like to understand how can we make the school selection the center of the moving, and find ways to either -a. find good deals for rent or -b. make the system work so we can get our daughter signed up for a good school even when we still don't have a place.

Appreciate orientation on these matters. I travel often to the area -next time will be early March- and can do some In-place research, but most of it is remote.



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