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Woodinville, WA
Students enrolled: 180
Before care: No
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18710 142nd Avenue Northeast
Woodinville, WA 98072

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(425) 481-2228
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September 15, 2014
We moved from the Southeast to Washington in the hopes of finding more progressive learning environments for our son. We started at Chrysalis in 2012 when our son was in the 1st grade and at the end of the year he thanked one of his teachers for "changing his life." Attending Chrysalis has been a life changing experience not only for our son, but for us as a family. I could never speak highly enough about all of his teachers. My son loves school, in fact, I often have a very difficult time getting him to leave at the end of the day. Chrysalis is a safe and nurturing place to learn. We don't foresee a change anytime soon! In years past there hasn't been a lot of parent involvement. However, the faculty and staff are always looking for ways to improve and this year one of the things I'm looking forward to is that there will be more opportunities for parents to get to know one another. We are very grateful for this school.

- submitted by a parent

April 30, 2014
I graduated from Chrysalis in 1998 & absolutely loved it! I have worked at Chrysalis for two years now & I have never been happier. Not only is it an amazing place to go to school, it's also an amazing place to work! I witness children's lives being changed on a daily basis....I can't think of anything more rewarding than that. Chrysalis truly is an amazing & life changing place.

- submitted by a teacher

April 08, 2014
Chrysalis is an excellent, state of the art, private school setting for K-12 grade students, regardless of learning style. My son has attended Chrysalis since 7th grade. He graduates this June. His learning style was best suited to mostly 1:1 teaching, which is well provided at Chrysalis. The teachers are responsive to his interests and needs, and allow him to essentially create as much of his own curriculum as possible, within the college bound guidelines. Chrysalis' emphasis on placing students and teachers together in a best match for both personality and subject area has allowed my son to loop up with several teachers, for several ears at a time. No one is perfect, so if I could give a 4.5 star review, I would, to set expectations not for perfection, but for excellence. There have been a few bumps here, just as with any other place. However, because of the caring and responsive nature of the team, these bumps are tiny in the scope of his 6 amazing years at Chrysalis. My son has received an incredibly full and high quality education at Chrysalis. We will miss everyone next year.

- submitted by a parent

April 07, 2014
My daughter graduated from Chrysalis over 24 yrs ago. It was a perfect match for her and she loved her teachers. Chrysalis allowed her to go to job training and get a head start on a career in the Dental field, while completing her High School education.. Now (Her son) My grandson has the opportunity to also go to the High School program at Chrysalis. He is doing better than he ever had in public school, because of the great teachers who care about their students. He once again loves school and learning. Kids can sense when someone is interested in them and they naturally do better when that happens. Because of the genuineness of the teachers he's able to be challenged and excel. The fact that Chrysalis is still around after all these years is a tribute to the Principle and founder, Karen Fogle and her great staff. The fact that Chrysalis has grown to the School it is today is a tribute to the great teachers there who truly care about their students. The fact that Chrysalis has such a success rate of students who graduate, shows that its a program that really works and turns out solid people ready to take on the next step of their life.

- submitted by a parent

November 20, 2013
I feel so blessed to be a teacher at Chrysalis and now a parent as well. Chrysalis is so much more than a school it is a family full of caring, supportive teachers who really have a passion for teaching. They want each student to feel and be successful in an academic, safe environment. Chrysalis allows the opportunity for students to explore, be engaged in their learning process and build on success.

- submitted by a parent

November 20, 2013
My favorite thing about Chrysalis is how excited my kids are to attend each day. The quality instruction, the focus on exploration and maintaining a child's sense of wonder, as well as the personalized curriculum for each child, all create a wonderful environment for learning.

- submitted by a parent

November 14, 2013
Chrysalis is more than a school, it is a community that my son loved being a part of. It changed our lives. He had a non-verbal learning disability, Asperger s and was his quirky self. He went from being an outcast to having friends that spent lunch/weekends together; from hating school to making sure he was the first one there; from feeling like a failure to setting goals to finish Calculus; from not having a voice to being confident in sharing his opinion. He truly blossomed. Chrysalis used his interests to help him learn through videotaping classes, making Physics movies, playing vocabulary games, listening to audio books, etc. When he had anxiety over a class, teachers would meet with him prior to explain that day s assignment so that he was prepared and could contribute. They fostered an environment where every student was part of a group and he made friends. For any parent whose child has a difficult time making friends, this was the most wonderful gift. My son was a senior and passed away recently. Thank you for accepting my son for who he was, encouraging him to reach for the stars, fostering friendships and providing a safe and nurturing learning environment.

- submitted by a parent

November 12, 2013
I completely agree with the mother who said her son was totally unprepared for college thanks to Chrysalis. We are now scrambling to catch up to prepare for college, and it's been a nightmare. Chrysalis should be ashamed of themselves for giving their students straight A's without providing a quality education to their students. And to think they're charging outrageous rates for this?! I have no words...:-(

- submitted by a parent

October 30, 2013
My 3 daughters and 3 nephews have graduated from Chrysalis. The confidence they have in themselves and their abilities is remarkable. They are happy, successful adults, the wish for all of our children.

- submitted by a parent

October 24, 2013
I attended chrysalis from 1996-1999 and found the experience invaluable. I am shocked that anyone could have a negative exexperience there. The education I recieved at Chrysalis far exceeded my public school learning experience where kids are jammed 40 to a class and forced to take standardized tests that stifle creativity. By the time of my graduation I was way ahead of my public school peers and breezed through my first year of college. Most of the things I studied my first of college were things I had already learned my senior year of HS. I also loved that my learning style was addressed and taught to making learning palatable and interesting once again. Before Chrysalis I had come to hate school and only went for the social aspect. By the time I left I had rekindled my love of learning once again. If your child is bored of public school, has a.d.d or simply wants a better school experience I would highly recommend Chrysalis.

- submitted by a community member

October 16, 2013
Stay away from this school, they give student all grade A on their report cards, as parents you may find it is great at a time, but only by the end of year you found out they did not complete the grade level studies in every single subjects. We found this school by reading reviews from the great schools website. We are really disappointed this does not turn out to be true. We waste a lot of money and time on this school.

- submitted by a parent

September 18, 2013
I feel fortunate every single day that I get to go to work at Chrysalis. I am afforded the opportunity to work with an amazing team dedicated to educating young people in a healthy, productive and supportive environment. My own daughter goes to school here - today she is on a field trip to learn about Washington History - 'hands on'! Staff members are dedicated to continually evaluating individual learning plans that meet the unique needs of each student. We focus on preparing them for their future plans - going to a traditional four year public/private university, community college, trade school or entering the workforce. Our staff teams together with students and parents to make up an individual learning plan the best suits each student. This path produces graduates are well-rounded, determined and prepared to meet the challenges faced after graduation and on into life. The best part is that I wake up every day excited to go to work! I also get to work with others who are excited to go to work. Engaged teachers, involved parents and excited learners following their own path are what make Chrysalis so special!

- submitted by a teacher

August 26, 2013
This school was recommended on one of the parents forum for kids on autism spectrum disorder. Talking to the admission person today I felt like she discriminates against kids on the spectrum. She was so quick to judge my son without even meeting him. From talking to her it seems like her goal is to prevent kids on the spectrum from getting admitted to chrysalis. After telling her my kid is on the spectrum she kept telling me to be accepted in their school the student should be at or above grade level and emotionally stable. Give me a break lady! She is not there to accept differences at all. Stay away from this school if you have a kid on the spectrum.

- submitted by a parent

August 12, 2013
My school is a safe place for kids to be kids. Each is different from every other and has the reins to lead his/her learning. How to make learning "fun"? Allow students to learn from exploring their own interests and finding answers to questions they have at a pace that's just right for them. As a teacher, I have the joyful experience of getting to know each student and helping them see how promising the future is.

- submitted by a teacher

August 08, 2013
Chrysalis is a phenomenal school. Individual and small group instruction allows teachers to accurately assess capabilities, and fill in gaps in understanding, and build on prior knowledge. The teachers and staff are dedicated to developing lifelong learners.

- submitted by a teacher

August 02, 2013
Chrysalis gave me faith in education again. I was so beat down by the wash/rinse/repeat public school cycle that I'd lost all motivation and was bitter and uninterested. When I came to Chrysalis I was so excited to finally be able to not only learn what I wanted, but in a way that exercised my ability to question everything and explore deeper connections and meanings. I am so grateful to the staff there, and still consider my consultant teacher a great friend and mentor 6 years later. I cannot recommend Chrysalis enough.

- submitted by a community member

August 01, 2013
Chrysalis School, grades K-12. An intimate learning environment and community focused on individual learning. Incredibly intelligent and compassionate teachers and staff. World class education.

- submitted by a parent

August 01, 2013
I worked at Chrysalis for almost 9 years before moving out of state. It was the best place I've ever worked. As a teacher, I was respected by the staff and administration. I was given the freedom to really make an impact in my student's lives. I met with each of my math students individually and was able to tailor the curriculum to their needs. I was lucky enough to see many of my students for most if not all of their high school career which meant that I really got to know them well. The thing that impressed me most about working at Chrysalis was that everyone was genuinely interested in the success of every student. Teachers go to outside school events to support their students and attend the school plays. There is a deep feeling of pride that wells up in me when I think of my students and what they have accomplished. There's no other school that I can think of that has such a positive and safe environment for their students to blossom. We have students that come to us afraid and without confidence and leave believing they can do anything. We also have students with amazing talents that are able to focus on their craft and flourish. It's a wonderful school. Go see for yourself.

- submitted by a teacher

August 01, 2013
Chrysalis shows an amazing amount of respect to each individual student, and always takes into account their interests, abilities, and goals when devising a learning plan for them. Teachers are trusted to do what they do best...teach! Teachers are also given tremendous freedom to teach to the whole student; not to worry about prepping them for weeks on end to score high on an unrealistic, high-stakes tests, but to support them in being well rounded and thoughtful critical thinkers, life long learners, and global citizens.

- submitted by a teacher

November 12, 2012
My two children attend the school, and I couldn't be happier with the results. The faculty and staff care about my children, and go above and beyond what I would except from a school. My daughter (8) has learning difficulties, and her teachers have worked to find solutions that foster an environment of success for her. At the same time, they have incorporated advanced art curriculum for her, and allow her to explore subjects where she excels. I'd do anything for my children to be successful, and I feel like the team at Chrysalis feels the same way...their actions prove it.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
November 03, 2012
Chrysalis School is proud of it's accomplishments and the academic accomplishments of its students. For the past 30 years we have served a broad academic range of students. Our students have graduated from community colleges and top tier universities including Yale, Cornell, Vanderbilt, Amherst, and Dartmouth. 10% of the 2012 graduating class is attending the UW. I personally would like to invite you to come in for a visit and experience the welcoming environment at Chrysalis School.

- submitted by a school leader

October 25, 2012
Please note that the ratings below pertain to the high school location only. (Teacher involvement and the office staff at the elementary location deserve a higher rating. We highly recommend Chrysalis for elementary school, actually. The teachers there are wonderful, and the south campus office manager is great with both kids and parents.). The principal leadership and communication at the high school campus----not so high in our opinion.

- submitted by a parent

May 16, 2012
That's interesting that one reviewer blames her sons failure at Western on Chrysalis. I've had quite the opposite experience with the teachers and program there - all are very well qualified and experienced and concerned about your kids. There are always kids that fail their first year in college, I've had two sons do it after getting good grades in public school and I have to say there are a number of factors that contribute to first year college failure. My kids are getting a fantastic education at Chrysalis - the best thing about their approach is that my kids are able to find their gifts and pursue them. They have learned how to learn and seek out knowledge, experience and skills in areas they excel. The teachers have been great working on weak areas and in assisting our family in designing the best program for our kids. Both of the children we have that attend Chrysalis love it there, have many friends and will be graduating from the school. I really think you get out of your education what you put into it.

- submitted by a parent

May 13, 2012
My son attended this school from 7th grade until HS graduation. Although he earned good grades and was accepted into Western Washington University, he failed out his first year. He was not the only student from his Chrysalis graduating class to fail out the first year at Western. I know some of the teacher at Chrysalis are not certified. I realize hind sight is always 20/20, but I really wish I had done more research before choosing Chrysalis School.

- submitted by a parent

March 21, 2012
Chrysalis is the perfect fit for my son.In public school,he sat in the middle with the system:no learning disability and no gifted abilities. Much of his day was spent with his teacher shaming him for being off task and not focusing.He lost his confidence and disliked going to school.Our son deserved to be in an atmosphere that rewards him for who he is and encourages his interests.I found Chrysalis! Chrysalis customizes education to each student.My son hated homework-he gets it all done at school before he leaves.He hated the repetition of Math problems-he works one-on-one with a Math teacher. My son is happy and confident.He has many friends.He looks forward to going to school each day and is learning like never before.He will stay at Chrysalis through High School and is already talking about what colleges he would like to go to.One day, his English teacher stopped me when I ran into school to drop something off.In the past, this would have incited dread in me.She said, I just want to tell you how wonderful your son is. I cried. I have never been told that by a teacher.

- submitted by a parent

September 03, 2009
This was the best school for my child as they tailored classes to his needs. In addition, the school was wonderful about communicating with me regarding his progress, etc. I don't think my son would have graduated from high school had he stayed in public school. Other private schools operate the same way as public schools - lots of pressure and little personal attention. This school is expensive, and I had to use part of his college fund to pay for it. However, he never would have gone to college had it not been for this school!!!!! It was worth every penny.

- submitted by a parent
no rating
April 12, 2008
Chrysalis School is wonderful. It more than lives up to its name as a protective, caring, nurturing environment in which a child can develop at his or her own pace. Previously, my son had been a student at one of the most prestigious private schools in our area, and I was appalled at how unhappy those children were from being pushed and pressured. The teachers and staff at Chrysalis truly care about what is best for each individual child and my son blossomed there, even though he only spent two hours a week at the campus. My son learned how to learn on his own and was motivated to do so, invaluable skills that will serve him well in life. He is graduating this year with high SAT scores and great GPA and was accepted to the University of Washington. We will miss Chrysalis. I highly recommend this school.

- submitted by a parent

January 31, 2008
Great school, great programs including IB

- submitted by a student

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The most common comment at the interview is that parents wish they would have found us sooner.Personalized education increases every student's potential and gives students the greatest opportunity for higher achievement. We have had over 3000 students in the 30 years. We have a flexible, individualized schedule for every student, lowering their stress and increasing their engagement. We invite you to visit and experience Chrysalis for yourself.

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Chrysalis School
18710 142nd Avenue Northeast, Woodinville, WA  98072
(425) 481-2228
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