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Salam School

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Salam School 5501426 1

Posted March 30, 2014
- a parent
The positive reviews are not being written by parents but by staff. You can tell from the language used. This school is a social class system at it's best. My child was there for a year and left not able to read or write. After tutoring her and placing her in a public school she is doing great. Reading above her grade level. The school is unsafe with a high percentage of bullying. The administration doesn't care about the kids. The entire administration needs to be changed in order for this school to become decent. They have excuses for everything.

Salam School 5109749 5

Posted December 19, 2013
- a community member
I am a Salam School alumni and it is so sad hearing all of this. These parents are looking for a school to raise there children because they have no time for them. I am in my second year of college and I am proud to say I came from Salam School. The Teachers are amazing and work with every student. Mr. Shalaby, Mr.Kaddoura, and Sr.Khawla work so hard to keep Salam School running smoothly and they do an amazing job. They treat every student as if their own. Please, if you or your child had a bad experience at the school, please don't try to take the school down..., you will fail miserably. Salam.

Salam School 5389673 5

Posted December 19, 2013
- a parent
I have my kids enrolled in Salam School and I am very satisfied! All of the parents that have complained about Salam School just need someone to blame for their bad parenting issues. Salam School is here to teach your children, not to raise them. We've had our ups and downs, but we need to face the fact that we'll all face these problems at some time, at some place. There is no need to blame Salam School for all of your problems! Salam School is like family to us and I am honored to say that my children go there.

Salam School 5365249 1

Posted November 20, 2013
- a parent
I m really sorry for enrolling my daughter in that school !I feel gulty that I didn t take parents reviews for serious ! I never seen such a careless irresponsble school adminstartion !No issues ever got solved and what is worse is that my daughter s academic level went down ! Again I m so sorry for having my daughter going through such a terrible experience !Some authorities have to check on that school !

Salam School 5361366 2

Posted November 16, 2013
- a parent
This is the worst school ever. Of course I'm talking about the elementary school. Really they need to get rid of Sister Khawla. Some of the staff too. Sister Khawla does not know how to desciplin kids. In fact she is punishing the parents. I don't see how she can suspend a child for a silly reason knowing for sure that both parents have a full time job. I think public schools are better.

Salam School 5130839 3

Posted May 11, 2013
- a community member
I will try to provide as accurate a description as I can. The school is split into two parts: Elementary and Middle/High School. The elementary is more established as it has been around longer. The administration is composed of a handful of experienced individuals who have been with the school for some time. The teachers are many and range in qualifications and experience. Most of the students qualify as low-income so the lunch, books, and tuition are free. Most students are pretty close to national academic standards, while some are beyond and a little more than some are below. The students are friendly to those who are kind to them. They are unfriendly and/or fearful of those who they feel treat them unfairly. There is a unique mix of personalities among the Admin, staff, parents, and students. Naturally this leads to certain groups having higher expectations than others. This is actually a good thing because there is always a voice for never-ending improvement. Most will agree that the school does improve a little more every year in things such as standardized scores, graduate placements, student behavior, etc. And I hope that it continues to move forward.

Salam School 5130297 1

Posted May 10, 2013
- a teacher
This is a place where most of the teachers work until they can find a better job somewhere else. People always say they "looking" because the pay and environment is so terrible.

Salam School 5112550 1

Posted April 23, 2013
- a parent
I agree with most of the reviews, the main problem in this school is the PRINCIPLE, I do believe he has favoritism, he is focused about his position in this school, so because of that he is willing to keep whoever cheer for him, I never expect such a principle and his act, most of the teachers needs education and they are not even qualified to be a teachers, trust me just go and visit the school and see and practice the bad experience with Salam School, I think it s time for the ISM to think about removing this principle in the sake of our Children future and education. Shame on you PRINCIPLE, Please resign in the sake of the education, this school it has to be re-Evaluate, the teachers and the staff, and whoever qualified stay and whoever not then has to go.

Salam School 3472238 1

Posted February 14, 2013
- a parent
Too bad and shame on Salam School administration to keep blaming all school issues either on parents or ex-employees! I had my three kids going to Salam School and it was bad experience! My kids have become behind academically since they joined Salam School, and whenever I ask the principal for help, he just blames it on me!When I transfered my kids to a different school, the administration was so helpful with no blamings they found away to make my kids getting As in there report cards and my kids earned back self conference that Salam school was the reason of loosing it.Get your kids off Salam school as soon as possible.

Salam School 2663623 5

Posted September 30, 2012
- a parent
The problem with these rating sites is ANYONE can post a message pretending to be a student or parent--or--a disgruntled ex-employee with petty issues. Salam School is the #1 Islamic school in the nation with an extensive curriculum that has received outstanding recognition from US Accreditation organizations. No school is perfect so improvements are ongoing from a caring Administration that demands quality! All students are advised and monitored monthly by the Academic Counselor Dept. NO student falls between the cracks. Extensive state testing is done per semester in all 3 levels. A child that transfers out of Salam School whether from elementary, middle or high does so primarily because he/she is academically too low to meet the challenging standards, even after tutoring or summer school. The Administration never promotes a student who is clearly not ready for the next grade. Some parents refuse to have their child retained so they leave. This is a huge injustice to their child. When finding out about a school go to its website. Scrutinize there. Staff credentials, full curriculum, accreditation awards, re-accreditation awards, state/national awards will be listed.

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Salam School
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