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why are teachers so strick


kingrell December 7, 2009

i had got wrote up because i was asking a question without permission and i blurted out the answer and she get's mad

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healthy11 December 7, 2009

What happened is confusing, because you say that you asked a question and blurted out the answer. I'm not sure why you asked the question if you already knew the answer. If the teacher had requested that everyone be silent, or raise their hand instead of just speaking out loud, then I understand why she'd be upset enough to write you up. It's not really being strict. If every student in the class all started talking at the same time, it would be loud and chaotic and difficult for any teacher to conduct a class. As a student, you have to realize the teacher is in charge, and so long as what they're asking the class to do isn't illegal, kids are expected to cooperate. Consider it as training for adult life. It's no different than recruits having to listen to their leaders in the military, or employees having to listen to their bosses at work etc. Some days those bosses and other leaders, including teachers, may be more crabby and less patient than on other days, so you need to try especially hard not to upset them at those times. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

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