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After three years with difficulty focusing and behaving in class, what's the next step?


tabitha8122 February 2, 2009

My son is an only child, seven years old and in 2nd grade. He seems to be having an abnormal amount of trouble concentrating and staying on task in class. He has no problems focusing when it is something that interests him, such as playing games or reading a book at home. He's very intelligent for his age, but he's easily distracted in class and doesn't read directions carefully. His work has been suffering even though he knows the material. When I speak to him about this he gets very frustrated and upset. I just received his report card which shows a need for improvement in following rules, respecting others, exhibiting a positive attitude, working independently, completeing work in a timely manner, talking at approriate times, and listening attentively. He has high marks in striving for quality work and organizing and caring for his materials. At home he shows signs of OCD and perfectionism. He's a very sweet boy who wants to do well. I dont know what to do anymore. Any ideas?

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P2l2mom September 18, 2009

For a minute I thought I had wrote this. I am going through the exact same thing with my son.


reosus November 12, 2009

This might sound ridiculous though a possibility. He could be hyper reactive to other people's pheromone. Those who are like that seems to be more distracted in crowded place. I have heard that histamine blocking med like Claritin works to block other symptoms such as this(also help stop coughing as well). Probably better to check with Doctors about the med though. Also Socializing is important here to this problem(if he has this case) because after while this will go away as he contacts many people. Again I know how weird I sound.

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