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Public school in New Berlin


roopjay January 26, 2010

I live in the New Berlin school district and the elementary school that we live in is quite average. She currently goes to a private school where the academics is quite ahead and am worried if she gets into a public school she will not be challenged enough specially because she is already 6, missed the Sept cutoff and the gifted program isn't until the 3rd grade. Since she has been reading chapter books, writes cursive pretty well and has been doing all her basic math (addition and subtraction), I am wondering if they can test her and put her in the 2nd grade if she does well, which will atleast challenge her for the next year and we can decide to go with the public school option. Also how different is the curriculum in the catholic schools in the area from the public schools. Due to the small strength in the classroom, are they better at working with each child's strengths and weaknesses? I have also applied for the transfer and am on the waiting list to an other school in the same district. Anyone have an idea what the real chances of the transfer request going through are?

Parents, I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. Any input would be highly beneficial. Thanks a bunch in

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