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Overwhelmed middle school parent


truequeen August 25, 2010

Hi everyone! I am really exhausted, overwhelmed, nervous and terrified about my innocent little daughter to enter.........MIDDLE SCHOOL! My daughter is going to be a 6th grader this year and I don't know how to behave. I keep starting a conversation with her about LIFE and a stop because I'm not sure if I am going to far or not far enough. I look at my daughter and all I see is a sometimes mouthy, stubborn, sweet, generous kid looking back at me and I am just................... LOST

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LISASHREELISA August 26, 2010

i understand what you're going thru having a 13 year old and a parent who has been their done that the only thing i can suggest is first take a deep breath it's not the end of the world and our little daughters are eventually going to grow up. talk to you're daughter, let her know the easiest way to find friends is to find someone who share the same interest. communicate with her and let her know you are their a 100% if she needs you. remind her that their are other girls who feel the same way. usually with my daughter i ask her what are some of the things her peers talk about boys, sex, ect and then i might say well how do feel about that , that usually gets the ball rolling Don't be scared to bring certain topics up because u will rather her hear from u then her peers trust me. my daughter thought just because she had a line going down her stomach meant she was pregnant, one of her peers told her that lol so trust me bring up things little by little.


LVanderbilt August 16, 2012

Hey, you should also check out this web page: Plain Talk is a program in Milwaukee that teaches parents how to talk to their kids about sex. Read the materials posted toward the bottom of this page under the heading "Plain Talk Information." If you'd like more information, call Denise (contact info at the bottom of the page) and get involved in the program - parents and kids get together at house parties, and Denise leads discussions on sex, waiting, protection, etc.

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