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What's a great elementary school in Milwaukee? What makes it great?


EllasDad August 14, 2008

What's a great elementary school in Milwaukee? What makes it great?

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CLWinfrey September 17, 2008

Elm Street is a great elementary school in Milwaukee. What makes it great is the dedicated teachers, the parent participation and the education that they provide. Another great thing about Elm street is that they have what is called a "feeder" middle school right next door that is also pretty good. Both schools focus a lot on the arts. So you can bet that your child will have the choice of learning an instrument, dance, art, drama and a whole bunch of other things.


kelseysmom August 13, 2009

I have researched an researched and found Fairview Elementary School one of the best! It goes up to 8th Grade (which means no separate Middle School) and has several specialty teachers. I can tell you the worst Private school in the area is St John's Lutheran on 68th and Forest Home. Do not even think of sending your little miracle here. They will rip your child's heart out.


Nia2010 November 12, 2009

I belive that Elm Creative Arts School is the best on Waulnut because, it let you enjoy the arts such as, music, theater, dance, and art! it also teach the basics in education also. So therefore, you child will enjoy having fun!!!!

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