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Public charter
Waukesha, WI
Students enrolled: 904
Before care: No
After care: No

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222 Maple Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186

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(262) 970-1074
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December 03, 2014
I was disappointed with public schools and looked into alternative schools for my son and found eAchieve. In the beginning they were helpful however the helpfulness ended quickly. First the credits my son had earned in the first semester at public school did not transfer to eAchieve and they expected him to finish an entire semester over with less than 6 weeks left. Teachers stopped responding to my email and homework just keeps piling up. No partial credit was given if the teacher didn't 100% like it she returned it and it was to be redone until it was what the teacher deemed it acceptable. This is most definitely not a school for a child who struggles with learning and discipline because they will NOT receive the help they need and WILL get left behind without a second thought. I will never recommend eAchieve to another parent looking for an alternative to public school and you should seriously think twice about sending your child to eAchieve.

- submitted by a parent
September 19, 2014
E-achieve has been a life saver. We are guardians and great grandparents of a 13 year old 9th grade student. He does all the work online. No more waiting in lines and no more bad diet. The teachers at e-Achieve go beyond what any brick and mortar teachers I have interacted with. The online teachers are superb and continually support my child's efforts. If there is ever a problem, a quick e-mail or a phone call is all it takes. The programs are diverse and allow a student to work at their own pace. It gives our child great satisfaction to see his results after turning in an assignment. We are able to monitor his progress at any time we choose. He has electives not offered in traditional school, such as photography, web development, Food Dynamics, Digital imagery to name a few of them . He also has Science, Math, English,and Human Geography as his regular classes. This is his 3rd year at e-Achieve and we would not have it any other way. He is also a student that has trouble focusing and at e-Achieve online, we can assist him to keep on track. You owe it to your children to have them attend e-Achieve Academy online. It will greatly improve their quality of life,

- submitted by a parent
September 18, 2014
I am shocked at the inconsistent ratings and ridiculous reviews.. My son graduated from eachieve and we found it to be a wonderful experience. He later attended UWSP with a major in Bio-Chem. Many of these reviews are skeptical. Students do not "fall behind" when they miss a day of school. Students work at their own pace and they are placed in classes suitable to their ability level. My husband and I found teacher responding to questions and concerns in a timely fashion. We found policies to be well displayed and consistent. When I see the spelling and grammatical errors in these negative posts I can't help but wonder who is actually writing them. It seems that so often parents want to blame others for problems instead of accepting responsibility for the education of their children. If a parent is looking for a school that hands out diplomas with no learning required, eAchieve is not for you. If a family is looking for a cooperative learning environment involving student, parent and teachers you will be happy you selected eAchieve. We were!

- submitted by a parent
August 28, 2014
Interesting, reviews are either 5 star or 1 star. Like anything in the workplace, or college, this school will give the student what they put into it. It is not an easy school, students have to learn self motivation and must take responsibility for their work. As a parent of a graduate who attended her last 2 years at eAchieve Academy, this school prepared my daughter for college better than her home school district did for her friends. Her teachers were very responsive to questions both in class and via email or phone call. I can only assume the 1 star comments come from students who have time management issues. I am sad when a comment uses the word "witch" in place of what I assume should have been which. I guess they should have paid more attention in class? As a parent researching schools. I find positive comments much more helpful than school bashing. I hope parents considering this school read ALL comments and decide what is best for their student. Thank you eAchieve!

- submitted by a parent
August 27, 2014
So sad that my comment keeps getting DELETED! It's a shame when you post something undesirable, it gets DELETED despite the fact it's the TRUTH! Yes that may be true, BUT the lack of communication from the school is horrible! Especially when they are teaching 7th grade girls about WET DREAMS! UNACCEPTABLE!!! So very sad! Horrible school to send your children!

- submitted by a parent
July 21, 2014
I was a student at this school. I had few great teacher who were great help. I only got them one year though. Chances of getting is great teacher who want to help you is rare. I struggled and from being a B average student I dropped to C average. I always had a lot of overwhelming homework. Teachers seemed to expect to much from the students. They always used that they are busy and not able to get to emails fast enough. For a school that says they are best in Wisconsin students should not have to deal with teachers like that. I am now going to a different school so that I may be able to enjoy school a bit more. Teacher were very smart in their subjects but seem to make it difficult for students to understand. They change rules in middle of semesters and if you don't stay on top of email VERY frequently you may miss something that a teacher suddenly tells you. I think that they should stay more organized and make less homework that will still teach the students still but not overwhelm them. Assignment were made witch were required to do but did not effect the grade. They took time and never gave free time for a student. If you struggle now you will only struggle more at this school

- submitted by a community member
March 09, 2014
The teachers here have encouraged my daughter like no other school. They respond to her questions via email, text, calls, or online 1:1 with audio/visual. No slipping through the cracks! If you ever have a teacher that doesn't get back in the specified time period, let the principal know & he'll sort it out fast. Consistent, thorough communication from principal. I get more information and hear more often from our principal than at other schools she's attended. You can't beat the flexibility of online school. But, you have to have a student who does the work. Work load is very grade appropriate and flexible for any type of learner.

- submitted by a parent
August 02, 2013
My daughter will graduate from eAchieve this June, so we have been visiting colleges all summer. We are finding the counselor and teachers here have really prepared her for her college search. They have given us advice on what colleges are looking for from seniors applying and every college has confirmed what we have been told. A friend attending the local HS does not have this same insight. Online school is not an easy ride, but for a student who is determined to overcome medical or other issues, this school has made my daughter a success story. Teachers have ALWAYS been responsive to all questions, through email, phone calls or in classroom. ALL of my daughters teachers from Algebra 2 to Digital imaging have given her opportunity to succeed. I was not seeing this at her local HS, teachers were too overstretched with the latest cutbacks. If your child wants to succeed, this school WILL help them do that. No more excuses.

- submitted by a parent
May 31, 2013
This school is by far the worst school I have ever sent my kid to. The teachers don't respond, you have to wait up to 2 days to hear back. They are rude and you are expected to know everything tought. Home work is ridiculous, my kid is in 8th grade doing trigonometry, whats that?! Its college level! My daughter got straight F's here and almost had to redo 8th grade due to to many assignments and not enough time. Dont send your kid there unless they are 2 years advanced minimum. She also now has social phobia and is too scared to go anywhere or even hang out wit friends. TERRIBLE SCHOOL!

- submitted by a parent
April 25, 2013
This school is the best thing that happened to my son. He is very advanced in math and wasn't being challenged enough in his regular school. He learned nothing new in math in 6th grade last year, and for some technical bureaucratic reason they wouldn't put him in advanced math classes. So we switched to eAchieve for 7th grade this year, and after testing him, they enrolled him in high school Algebra II and Geometry and he's getting straight A s! The teachers are excellent and my husband and I don't have to help him at all. He's doing so well that the counselors have decided he can skip 8th grade next year and go straight to 9th grade, starting courses like Physics and Biology. If your child needs to work at their own pace, whether that pace is slower or more advanced than their classmates, this is the place for them. Very flexible too in submitting assignments, so you can work around vacations, family travel, illness, etc. Regular meetings and trips ensure social interaction between students. The school keeps us updated with all his grades and activities on a regular basis. Excellent staff. We're very happy with this school.

- submitted by a parent
April 10, 2013
Best school ever! Never went to a better school! So flexible! Great! Best high school in USA!

- submitted by a community member
February 20, 2013
This school is not for everyone, however many students THRIVE here. Our daughter is a junior, and struggled the first semester because she let herself get behind, but she caught up over Christmas break with a lot of hard work, and decided to stay on pace this semester. Teachers have been extraordinary! It is like any other school, high school has a lot of homework, same as her district school. We see that this prepares her for the discipline of college or the job force. Her teachers have been able to offer additional help through emails, phone calls and many offer additional help sessions. We did not have this at her home school, teachers were not available very often. The school administration works very hard to keep parents involved through a parent advisory council, events and updates. You will get out of eAchieve Academy what you put in, and for many students who get lost at their district school, this school has a place for them. Nothing worth having is easy.

- submitted by a parent
February 19, 2013
I had high expectations for this school. It is so unorganized . They don't care about their students. You can't skip a day because you will be extremely behind. They have unrealistic expectations of their students and give too much homework. The teachers are unprofessional. They have typo's and don't always respond to their students. If you don't want your child to be stressed out then I highly recommend that you choose a different school. You will regret it.

- submitted by a parent
January 25, 2013
L:ove It! Our daughters left a suburban traditional public school and began E-Achieve Academy this school year (2012-13). We just finished our first semester. Awesome! We found the teachers to be very helpful & above average compared to other schools. The curriculum is above the standard requirements and challenging. We love the pace charts which allows parents to know exactly what the students are learning and what assignments have to be completed. We stepped out on faith and we do not regret our decision. As with any program, it is not meant for everyone & virtual school is not for every child; but it definitely fits our life, our personality, and our children love it - no more waiting on bus stops, no more school lunch, more freedom to be involved in community activities, and more family time.

- submitted by a parent
January 16, 2013
Materials: Fair each class is different. Math is terrible, the teachers just sort of wing it with no reference materials. Blackboard Software - Silly, confusing, dissorganized, hard to follow, no real plan. Grade/progress tracking - None, they can't figure out the grade so far concept, what they use doesn't work. Challenge: Average Teachers: Fine about as expected, some don't do anything, some are great. Parent Involvement: If you think you can just let the teachers do it, forget about it, you only hear from them for 1 hour per week and then by email when they can't access your assignments (because of nasty classroom software). Overall: It is fine, but don't expect much more than good enough

- submitted by a parent
January 16, 2013
eAchieve is the school of the future. No more wasted time traveling on a school bus. Gone are the trips back to school for the forgotten homework assignment or textbook. No more social drama, yucky school lunches or playground bullying. Did I mention the teaching staff is excellent! My daughter had a math question, emailed her teacher and it was taken care of the same day. This was on Sunday afternoon! You know your childs schedule in every class and what is expected of them. No more assignment notebooks. They can work ahead! Excellent programs. Strong school leadership. If you have a problem or your child has a problem someone will bend over backwards to help you out. Wish I would have found out about this school earlier!

- submitted by a parent
November 14, 2012
Terrible teachers are bad don't explain anything Especially in math. Didn't explain much Did not like it at all.

- submitted by a community member
February 18, 2012
I graduated from iQ Academies - Waukesha 4 years ago in spring. At the time, iQ was my only "option" as I had trouble fitting into the regular school system following a prolonged illness. I graduated as one of the first generation of teenagers schooled online. As a senior in college (in the business program now), I'd consider iQ an excellent means of education and it has prepared me for undergraduate level curriculum well. iQ offers a challenging curriculum for those wishing for difficult material and helps students having 'trouble' in other aspects. I personally was in pre-calculus as a senior - however found it a bit difficult. There are definitely drawbacks ot iQ (I'd say the math and science programs are a bit more to teach without person-to-person sessions). When I attended, most classes required either extensive reading with upper-level multiple choice exams (honestly exactly the type of exams you'll see in college) or had extensive writing. I am attending a UW-Satellite campus and have over a 3.5 as a senior - and should be graduating with my bachelors of business in 3 semester. I totally owe my success to iQ's program - I honestly wouldn't be here if it wasn't for IQ!

- submitted by a community member
May 24, 2011
My children had a bad experience with this school. They had excellent grades until they went to this school. It may work for some children, but it was way too impersonal for my family. Think twice.

- submitted by a parent
September 07, 2010
In theory, a virtual public school like iQ offers parents & students an inexpensive way to enjoy the benefits of homeschooling without having to provide a full curriculum & related materials themselves. In practice, iQ's use of Blackboard & reliance on it is a serious impediment. At best BB is a dull, repetitive set of quizzes. Difficult & inefficient to use, it suffers from outages. The live classroom software is so hard to navigate, even some teachers don't understand it all. They don't set up their classes in a uniform way, making it even harder to find things. Much of the course material could be offered by other means so students are not so dependent on BB, but that is not the current situation. If a teacher does a poor job with the live sessions & starts them late, they can be a large, frustrating waste of time.

- submitted by a parent
February 08, 2010
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
June 16, 2009
This review submitted without content.

- submitted by a student
April 30, 2009
I absolutely love this school! They take education to the next level, its much better than a public school! The teachers are amazing, they are always there to answer your questions! I LOVE iQ and wouldn't go back to public school for anything!

- submitted by a student
March 28, 2007
This is an awesome option for families. We were struggling with school and IQ Academy is working out extremely well for us. It is reflective of real life in today's world. All work is done on the computer and e-mailed to the school. All work can be done at anytime of the day, school is open 24/7. Tech support is a phone call away M-F 8am-8pm. It teaches accountability and independence. All the paper that my son could not keep track of is gone. He has his books, his computer and teachers are all available by phone. He can attend on line group sessions and be involved with activities if he likes. It is like independent study. He was not a morning person, and high school starts at 7:30am, he had to be at the bus stop by 6:40am. So far we love IQ!

- submitted by a parent

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eAchieve Academy Wisconsin
222 Maple Avenue, Waukesha, WI  53186
(262) 970-1074
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