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Our 5 favorite first grade math worksheets

Boost your first grader's math skills with these five fun worksheets!

By GreatSchools Staff

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What time is it?

In this math worksheet, your child will practice telling and writing time to the hour and half past the hour on analog clocks.

Skills your first grader will work on: telling time to the hour, telling time to the nearest half hour, writing time on analog clocks, drawing.

Comments from readers

"In first grade, many activities are not relevant to six year olds. You may want the children to identify time they get up, when school starts, lunch, specials, etc. Progression is also important. First, have them circle the clock showing the time for above activities, then write the numerals which represent the correct time, then, draw the hands to indicate correct time. Of course, this assumes a lot of teaching, review, paired learning, group learning, tutoring, or whatever it takes to make students successful. "