Browse Schools

Returns a list of schools in a city. All calls for a Browse Schools are in this format:[components]?[parameters]


Components of the url describe what type of data you would like. They are separated by forward slashes.
Name Description Sample Values
state* Two letter state abbreviation ak
city* Name of city, with spaces replaced with hyphens. If the city name has hyphens, replace those with underscores. San Francisco becomes "San-Francisco"
Cardiff-By-The-Sea becomes "Cardiff_By_The_Sea"
school type Type of school you wish to appear in the list Valid values: "public", "charter", "private", or any combination separated by hyphens, like "public-charter"
level Level of school you wish to appear in the list Valid values: "elementary-schools", "middle-schools", "high-schools"


The "key" parameter is what you use to send us your API key. Other parameters are optional and used to describe how you would like to receive the data.
Name Description Sample Values
key* Your API key myAPIkey
sort How to sort the results, either by name (ascending), by GS rating (descending), or by overall parent rating (descending). The default sort is name (ascending). When sorted by rating, schools without a rating will appear last. Valid values: "name", "gs_rating", "parent_rating"
limit Maximum number of schools to return. This defaults to 200.
To get all results, use -1.
Examples of usage:[yourAPIkey]
Returns up to 200 schools in the city of Alameda, CA[yourAPIkey]&limit=-1
Returns all schools in the city of Alameda, CA[yourAPIkey]&sort=parent_rating&limit=5
Returns 5 private middle schools in San Francisco, CA, sorting by parent rating

Sample Request[yourAPIkey]&limit=2
Returns 2 schools in Truckee, CA

Sample Response

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