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Finding the right elementary school

Don't be a sheep! Learn the secrets to getting the most out of an elementary school tour so you can make the best choice for your child.

Partnering with your elementary school teacher

How (and why) you should play a key role in your child's school success.

Insider tricks for assessing elementary schools

Our resident school-choice expert offers deal-breakers and red flags on assessing elementary schools from a distance.

Crash course for elementary school shopping

Charter, public, or private? Waldorf or Montessori? Language- or project-based? Get the lowdown on these school types before settling on an elementary school for your child.

Crash course for choosing an elementary school

Searching for an elementary school? This all-in-one user's guide gives you the lowdown on school choices, key questions to ask, and a printable tour checklist.

Back to basics: A supply list for elementary school

Keep our school supply checklist handy to make your shopping as easy as A, B, C.

The 3 biggest pitfalls of picking an elementary school

Want to find the right school for your child? Avoid these common mistakes parents make when trying to choose the best educational experience.

Talking to your elementary school child: The top-three mistakes parents make

Avoid these conversational pitfalls to improve communication with your child.

Tips for helping your elementary school child with math homework

Exploring math in everyday life is one way to make numbers less intimidating.

Talking with Your Elementary School Child about Learning Difficulties

Though it isn't always easy, it's essential that you have frank conversations with your child about his learning challenges.