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Kansas to try Finland's anti-bullying program

Parents and educators have only to scan the headlines to realize the urgent need to stop bullying. In Kansas, they're trying the miraculous program that's transforming Finnish schools.

Matters of the (young) heart

Love at first sight. Crushed crushes. From preschool to puberty, here's how to help with your child’s heartthrobs and heartaches.

Been caught sexting

Her teenage son is a great kid. He also sends racy text messages. Is this just a sign of the times, or is he a virtual philanderer? One mom shares her strategy for dealing with sexting.

Sticks, stones, and drama: the truth about bullying

Author Emily Bazelon talks about her new book -- and what kids, parents, and schools can do to put an end to bullying.

The surprising truth about roughhousing

Science now backs up what so many parents instinctively know: a spirited round of rough-and-tumble play is good for kids, helping them build academic, emotional, and physical smarts. Here's why.

If video games could make us better

A new app aims to impart social-emotional skills, via purging dark energy, dog and cat politics, and deep breathing.

10 Mindful Minutes

Goldie Hawn's new parenting book tackles the task of teaching EQ to children.

Teaching kids to be resilient

Does your child tackle obstacles optimistically, or do pitfalls stop him in his tracks? Here's how changing your child's self-talk can make all the difference.

There's an app for that feeling

New tech tool helps kids and parents regulate a rainbow of emotions to build their EQ.

My child is getting teased about wearing glasses

My daughter just got glasses, and kids are already being mean to her. For the first time in her life, she has low self-esteem. She says that she's ugly and that everyone says she looks better without glasses. Any ideas on how I can handle...