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Helping a Child Manage a Long-Term School Project

One family's story of helping their son plan and complete a long-term school project -- despite the challenges of having AD/HD and dividing his time between his divorced parents' homes.

Organization and Time Management Strategies for Kids With LD

Read about strategies to help your child better manage his time, his tasks, and his stuff.

How to help your child with homework

Six tips for helping your child study at home.

Surprising secrets to school success

Eight ideas about academic learning you may not know.

Homework chart

Motivate your child with this homework chart.

Homework Helper

Help your child take control of his homework load.

Yes, there's a right way to teach reading

There's a "right" way to teach reading, according to best-selling journalist Peg Tyre. So why are many students learning – or not learning - the wrong way?

How to grow a reader

Tips for turning a fledgling reader into a voracious one.

My child can't read!

What you can do if your child's reading isn't on track.

The instant guide to time management for kids

Teaching children organizational skills is key to helping them succeed in school and life.