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7 questions to ask a summer camp

Not all summer camps are created equal. Here's how to avoid a summer horror story.

Tips for Shifting from School Year to Summer Break

Transitioning from school to summer can be tough on the family. These practical tips can help everyone shift gears as summer approaches!

10 Ways to Build Math Skills This Summer

Check out these 10 quick and easy ways to work math into your summer routine and help your child develop numbers sense.

Kahn Academy's hot new offering: Summer camp

Online education guru to launch Bay Area summer camp.

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Use these creative ideas to get your child hooked on reading this summer.

Summer won’t addle my kids’ brains

With creative thinking, mom of multiples faces the three-month challenge of keeping her four boys, from 0 to 17, active and learning.

Eight Ways to Improve Your Child's Reading This Summer

My third-grade son is reading below grade level. I would like to work with him over the summer to improve his reading skills. Do you have any suggestions?

Learning apps to stop summer slide: grades 3 to 5

Yes, kids should be out playing. But when you're waiting in line at the grocery store and your child's begging for your smartphone, try one of these apps to keep your child's brain sizzling.

Online resources to get your child excited about reading

If you're still looking for a book that will spark your child's interest in reading this summer, check these resources.

Are we there yet? Travel games for the road

From counting cows to tracking miles, here's a collection of travel games to keep the whole family happy on your next vacation.