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How Can I Help My Shy Son?

My son plays well with his friends as long as he's with only one or two of them. Once more kids join in - or when I introduce him to my friends - he is really shy. He won't look in their eyes when spoken to and...

How Can I Teach My Child to Say "No"?

My daughter doesn't like to tell her best friend "no" when he asks her to do something - even if she doesn't want to do it. How can I teach her it is okay to say "no" and express her feelings without...

My Kindergartner Doesn't Play Well With Others

My 5-year-old son doesn't play well when he has playdates at our house. He asks to have friends over all the time, but when the kids come over, he doesn't play with them well. He asks to watch a movie or play with me...

My Child Needs Help With Friends

My daughter is a happy-go-lucky 7-year-old. Today she had a friend over from school. My daughter was mean to this girl so she wanted to go home. I took her friend home and my daughter was very upset. I always encourage my daughter to...

Help! My Child's Friend Acts Too Grown Up

My daughter made a new friend at school and now often tells me about things her friend has told her. I think many of the topics are too sophisticated for second-graders, and I'm worried about the influence this child is having on my daughter. The...

How can I help my preschooler make friends?

For the past two weeks, my 4-year-old has come home from preschool every day saying that nobody will play with her. My daughter is a sweet girl but can be very sensitive, demanding, and whiny. I have not seen many interactions with her classmates...

Help your child resist peer pressure

Help your child stay safe and out of trouble by saying "no" to peer pressure.

Helping your child choose good friends

Three ways to help kids find friends they can count on.

Teamwork teaches valuable lessons

Teaching kids the importance of teamwork starts at home.

Resolving conflicts without fighting

Teach kids to solve conflicts with their minds, not their muscles.