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Fundamentos de kindergarten 4: Cómo enseñar a los niños a llevarse bien

Usted puede ayudar a su hijo a resolver conflictos para que le vaya mejor en lo social.

Get your child to ask questions at school

Kids who ask questions in class do better in school than those who don’t.

Helping your child develop coping skills

The best way to help your child face the future — and all the challenges ahead? Give kids real opportunities to build their coping skills, says psychologist Madeline Levine.

Seis formas de ayudar a su hijo a resistir la presión social

Decir "no" a los amigos puede ser difícil para su hijo. Aquí puede leer cómo ayudar.

Recursos para ayudar a los adolescentes y preadolescentes a enfrentar la presión social

Brinde a su hijo herramientas para enfrentar situaciones sociales difíciles usando estos libros y sitios web.

Tips for your high schooler: advice from recent grads

GreatSchools staff weigh in on their best advice for high schoolers.

Teaching elementary schoolers self-control

How to help your children think before acting (and resist those marshmallows!).

Teaching older kids self-control

How to help tweens and teens think before acting (and resist those marshmallows!).

Learning to Share

Try these simple strategies to help your preschooler give and take cheerfully.

From Our Readers: Dealing With Mean Girls

Readers share their ideas for dealing with mean girls.