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I'm worried about my child's speech skills

My daughter's speech is not quite where I think it should be. She has a tendency to say things backward like, "Mom, can I get some towel paper?" or she'll say "What should I wear on?" instead of saying "wear...

How to use sports to help your child's math skills

Watching sports together is a great way to practice math.

Math skills 1: Help your child learn counting and numbers

Fun ways to help your child learn the basics of counting and recognizing numbers.

Math skills 2: Help your child learn shapes

Introduce your kindergartner about the basics of geometry.

Math skills 3: Help your child learn about patterns

Help your child see patterns everywhere you go.

Math skills 5: Help your child understand measurement

Teach measuring skills with everyday objects.

Kindergarten basics 1: Five key skills kids learn in kindergarten

Five important skills your child will learn in kindergarten.

Umoja's children

Tales of surprising success from at-risk high schoolers in Chicago.

Communicating With Your Child's School

Knowing how to contact the right person at your child's school can make you a more effective advocate.

Your kindergartner and language arts

Children learn to read at different ages, but most discover the connection between letters and sounds in kindergarten.