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Could it be ADHD?

Signs that your child might have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

What's the best way to diagnose AD/HD?

A proper evaluation for AD/HD should include a wide array of factors -- including a child's strengths and challenges.

Is It ADHD or Something Else?

Consider these factors to help determine what is causing your child's attention or hyperactivity problem.

Is It ADHD? The Teacher and Doctor Disagree

My son's teacher and the principal say that my child has ADHD, but my doctor says he doesn't. What can I do?

Questions to ask professionals who diagnose or treat AD/HD

Knowing what questions to ask -- about AD/HD diagnosis, treatment, and even insurance coverage -- is the key to getting the answers you need.

Does My Son Have ADHD?

My first-grade son is doing okay in school but he receives extra help in reading and speech. He has a very hard time focusing and concentrating and sometimes it seems like he is in another world when you talk to him. It can take an...

Does My Easily Distracted Son Have ADHD?

I've noticed that my 5-year-old has an issue with keeping focused on what is asked of him. When I ask him why he didn't listen, he says he forgot. He promptly says he's sorry and then will turn around and do it again. When...

How Can the Teacher Help My Child With ADHD?

My second-grader has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and medication has been recommended. What are some ways I can assist the teacher to understand what he needs in the classroom and how to best work with him?

Inattentive AD/HD: Overlooked and Undertreated?

Inattentive AD/HD interferes with learning and friendships, yet it often goes undiagnosed. Learn what signs and symptoms to watch for -- and how to get help.

AD/HD: An overview

Sometimes your child doesn't pay attention or follow directions, but is it AD/HD? A guide to diagnosing and dealing with this disorder.