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Management strategies for parents: AD/HD

Learn to help your child with AD/HD by using practical and meaningful strategies geared to his level of development and his symptoms.

Growing up gifted with ADHD

Being bright and creative — but having a mind that wanders and words that elude you — create special challenges. One young girl describes her experience.

Teen drivers with ADHD: realities and risks

Getting behind the wheel can be especially risky for teens with ADHD. But with extra time and effort, you can help your teen become a safe, competent driver.

ADHD medication: What you should know

If you're considering medication for your child with ADHD, read this important information.

Helping kids with ADHD behave during the holidays

A two-part strategy of preparing your child and preparing the situation will make your family vacation fun for all.

Prepare your child with ADD to ace exams

The key to performing well on tests is preparation - weeks, not hours, in advance. Learn to take good class notes, read to comprehend, and plan a test review schedule.

Get your child organized for school

Tips to help your child manage assignments, clutter and time.

Controversial Treatments for Children With Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Although parents of children with AD/HD want the very best treatment for their children, not all AD/HD therapies meet scientific standards. Learn what works -- and what not to waste your time and money on.

AD/HD, Stimulants, and Substance Abuse

Media stories about stimulant medications for AD/HD are often misleading. Learn what research tells us about AD/HD medications and the risk of substance abuse in children and teens.

Parenting and Adolescents With AD/HD: An M.D.'s Advice

Does your teenager have AD/HD? Learn how to keep lines of communication open while promoting his indpendence.