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Lessons From a School-Based Parent Support Group

Parenting a child with a learning disability can be a lonely journey. A parent support group, connected to your child's school, can be a great source of support and information.

How learning disabilities affect family dynamics

Raising a child with LD is a family affair. Dr. Betty Osman explains how to manage many of the problems that may emerge.

Teaching kids with LD to drive: A complex family matter

One mother explains why parents need to be extra patient and take precautions when teaching kids with learning disabilities to drive.

Talking with family about your child's learning disability

Learn how to explain your child's learning disability to family members in a helpful and sensitive way.

Angry children, worried parents: Helping families manage difficult emotions

Get expert advice on helping your child find more appropriate and effective ways to express anger.

Looking through the classroom window

Two teachers talk candidly about the joys and concerns of getting ready to teach their new students.

Risky Behavior in Teens With AD/HD

Psychologist Sam Goldstein describes the kinds of risky behaviors teens with AD/HD often engage in.

Parent stories: my son's strongest advocate

A teacher's mentoring made a difference in the life of a boy with ADHD.

What kids say about living with learning disabilities

Read what kids with LD have told us about their daily lives, hopes, dreams, and fears.

Helping a Child Manage a Long-Term School Project

One family's story of helping their son plan and complete a long-term school project -- despite the challenges of having AD/HD and dividing his time between his divorced parents' homes.