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How to choose the right high school

Learn the three things to look for in a great high school.

Working the System to Get the School of Your Choice

Smart parents know they may need to work the system to get the school of their choice.

Enrolling in kindergarten: What you need to know

As you prepare for the first day of kindergarten, you'll want to be informed well in advance about requirements for kindergarten entrance and registration.

Tales from the Trenches: A San Francisco Mom's Story

There seems to be one universal truth that applies to all schools and districts when it comes to getting what you want: communicate.

School enrollment requirements

Find out what information you need to enroll in public, charter and private schools.

Switch schools or stay?

One mother grapples with transferring her kindergarten daughter to a new school.

Choosing a school: have a backup plan

Didn't land your first-choice school? Be prepared with a backup plan.

How to find the right middle school

Which middle school is right - or wrong - for your child?

Making a school district work for you

Wondering how to use the system to get your child into a great school? Check out these insider tips from a parent advocate.

When should kids start kindergarten?

Redshirting kindergarten - holding kids back to start school later - is increasingly popular. But does redshirting help, or hurt, a child? The research may surprise you.